Importing Products & Services

Importing your List

To import your Services & Products list, go into Settings > Services & Products. The area to import is at the bottom of this page. 

Required CSV headers

Your CSV will need to have the following header fields in order to upload properly:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Cost
  • Category
  • Taxable

 Product/Service Import

Important things to note:

In the Cost column, make sure to only have a numeric value, as a $ symbol will cause an issue with the import.

Use the Category column to specify if this is a Product or a Service. If this field is left blank it will default as a Product. 

The Taxable column is a true or false value. If this field is left blank, then the system will y default assume that this item is a taxable.

To avoid errors when importing your Services & Products, don't use special characters such as colons (:), semi-colons (;), and quotation marks (' or ").

Learn more about the Services & Products List

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