Import Your Clients


There are 3 ways to import your Clients into Jobber:

  • CSV
  • vCard
  • Syncing with Quickbooks Online


Import a CSV Client List

To import your CSV Client list, go into Clients and in the top right corner, click the More Actions button. From this dropdown, there will be an option to import your clients. 


You can then choose the file that you would like to import.


To properly import into Jobber, your CSV must be in a certain format.
In order for the import to be successful, the column headers must follow these labels:

  • First name or Given name
  • Last name or Family name
  • Title (Mr, Ms or Mrs)
  • Company name or Company or Organization name or Org.
  • Name
  • Main Phone
  • Home Phone
  • Work Phone
  • Mobile Phone
  • Fax Phone
  • Other Phone
  • Email
  • Street or anything beginning with Address
  • City
  • Province or State
  • Country
  • Postal Code or Zip Code or PC
  • Billing Street
  • Billing City
  • Billing Province or Billing State
  • Billing Postal Code or Billing Zip
  • Billing Country
  • Note
  • Tags


Here's a template that you can use: CSV File Template for Client Import

Note: We do have a limitation of importing 1500 customers at one time, so if you have large .csv list, you will have to split them into multiple .csv files.

Once a file has been imported, you will have five minutes to revert an import if it looks like it did not import correctly.


Importing Multiple Properties for the same Client

To import multiple properties for one client, make a new row for the same client with the same information, except for "service street 1". In the new row put the different service street in. Make sure that all other information is the same except for the addresses.


Importing Custom Fields

To import custom fields, edit them into the CSV file that you upload. Custom Fields need to be under a specific column heading: CF[Custom Field Name] where 'Custom Field Name' is whatever you like —for instance 'Dog in Yard?', or 'Marketing Source'.

Custom fields imported into Jobber are text only. Other types of custom fields, such as numeric, selection, or true/false cannot be imported.

Custom Fields can only be imported for clients. Learn more about Custom Fields.


Importing vCard Client List

To import a file in vCard format, go to Clients and click More Actions > Import Clients. Select your file from here to upload it. A vCard file will need to follow the same formatting conventions as above.


Import Clients from Quickbooks

To import your clients from QuickBooks, you'll need to set up Jobber to sync with Quickbooks. Once the sync is set up, you can run a sync with Quickbooks and Jobber will pull down all your clients from Quickbooks. You can click More Actions > Sync With QuickBooks as a shortcut to get to the QuickBooks sync and settings page.

Learn more about setting up QuickBooks Sync.


Importing Existing or Past Balances for Clients

For help with importing existing or past balances for clients, contact our Success team through chat at, email at, or by phone at 1.888.721.1115

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