Calendar Colours

Calendar colours can be used to colour code tasks assigned to certain users, or key words in the title of the visit. 

Calendar colours will show in the Month and Week view calendars. You can click 'Filters', in the top right of the calendar to see what the colours correspond with. 


Create a Calendar Colour

To make a new calendar colour, go to the Month or Week view > Filters > Customize Calendar Colours.

Or go to the Settings Gear > Settings > Calendar


To create a new calendar colour click 'Assign Another Colour'. If you haven't made a calendar colour yet, it will say 'Assign your First Colour'. 

You'll then get a prompt like this:


You can apply the colour to a certain users, by selecting from the first drop down 'When Assigned'. Then in the second drop down, you can select the user. 

To apply the colour to a certain word in the visit title, select "When Visit Title" from the drop down menu. In the box below you can enter the word or phrase you'd like the colour associated with. 

The visit title is the title given to a job's visit in the calendar. You can edit the template for visit titles by going to the Gear in the top right > Settings > Work Settings. For example you can make the client's city or their postal code show in the template, so it displays in the calendar.

To edit a calendar colour after you have made it, click on it and an edit box will pop up. 

Colour Order

The colours are dominant bottom to top. You can drag colours into the order you want them using the 'drag' button beside a colour. If a visit was assigned to two users, in the calendar it appear in the colour assigned to the user closest to the bottom of the list. 

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