Job Basics


There are two types of jobs in Jobber:

  1. One-Off Jobs - Jobs with one visit, or multiple visits, but without a repeating schedule. (Eg. Spring clean up, move-out clean, HVAC repair), and one final invoice. Learn how to set up a one-off job here.
  2. Recurring Jobs - Jobs with multiple visits that are done periodically, or on a repeating schedule, with one or multiple invoices. (Eg. Weekly cleaning, snow removal, monthly lawn mowing). Learn how to set up a recurring job here.

Job List Page


To see a list of your jobs, click 'Jobs' from the menu.  


Use the 'Status' drop down to show jobs from one specific status.

Use the 'Sort' drop down to sort jobs by status, job number, client first or last name.

Use the 'Type' drop down to filter jobs by either one-off or recurring jobs.

Job Statuses

Active - Active jobs are the jobs in progress 

Late Visits - These jobs are active. They have visits where the scheduled visit date has passed, but the visit wasn't completed. 

Unscheduled - These are jobs that have visits created, but the visits have been set up to be scheduled later.

Action Required - These are jobs that are still active, but they have no more upcoming visits. You can think of action required like being "on hold". Action required is a prompt to either schedule more visits or close the job. 

Requires Invoicing - Jobs that are in requires invoicing status have an overdue invoice reminder. This is a prompt to create an invoice for this job. 

Ending Within 30 Days - These are jobs that have a scheduled end date that falls within the next 30 days. After their end date, this job won't appear on the calendar anymore. 

Archived - These are closed jobs that no longer need to be invoiced. These are the jobs that you are done with. 

Actions on Jobs

You can perform a number of actions on jobs, including:

  • Edit
  • Close Job
  • Re-open Job
  • Generate Invoice
  • Download PDF
  • Collect Signature
  • Send Follow-up Email

Editing Jobs


To make any changes to the overall job, click the Edit button located between Generate Invoice and  More Actions. These options will appear in the top right of the job screen. On the edit screen, you can change the job description, custom fields, job number, schedule, invoice schedule, and line items. You can also delete the job from this screen.


Customized Visits


Close Job

To close (or cancel) a job, click Close Job under More Actions: 

If the job needs to be invoiced, then it will go to the 'Requires Invoicing' status, once it has been invoiced it will then show as 'Archived'. If the job does not need to be invoiced then it will go to 'Archived' right after being closed.


If you close a job that has incomplete visits on it you'll encounter this pop-up:


  • Complete past visits and remove future visits - Will mark all past visits as complete and will delete any future incomplete visits.
  • Remove all incomplete visits - Will delete all of the visits, both in the past and in the future, that are incomplete.
  • Complete all incomplete visits - Will mark any incomplete visits as complete in the past and the future and will keep the visits on your calendar.

Un-Archive Job

If a job is closed and Archived but needs to be reopened and scheduled again, click Reopen Job beside the More Actions button in the top right of the job.


Generate Invoice

To make an invoice for the job click the Generate Invoice button located in the top right of the job. 


Note: You can generate more than one invoice on a job. Creating an invoice does not close the job.

Download PDF

To download a PDF of a job, click on More Actions > Download PDF.


The PDF will open in a separate tab in your browser. You can customize the job PDF in your PDF Configuration Tool.

Collect Signature

To collect a client's signature, click on More Actions > Collect Signature. This will bring up the signature pad that your client can sign:


Check the box 'Send your client a copy' to email the job PDF with their signature attached.

Note: The signed PDF will be saved in the 'Internal Notes' section at the bottom of the job. 

Send Follow-Up Email

The final action that can be taken on a job is sending a follow-up email to the client. To do this, click More Actions > Send Follow-up Email.

An email preview will pop up to be edited before you send to your client. Learn more about Follow-Up Emails


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