Basic Tasks

Basic tasks are used to schedule tasks that will not be invoiced for.

Basic Tasks can be used for:

  • Assigning a task or job to a user that will not be invoiced. 
  • Scheduling a time to do a quote.

You can make a basic task from many places in Jobber, including the calendar, from a client’s profile, or from the dashboard. In each area, click the Actions button in the top right, then click Basic Task. 


To link a basic task to a client’s profile, go to their profile and click Actions > Basic Task and make the basic task here. The client's contact information will be included on the basic task. 


Creating a new Basic Task

  • Title - This will be seen on the calendar, and in the Jobber App. 
  • Details - these are details or notes about the task
  • Scheduling - you can choose the date and time of the task. If you do not want a time, check off ‘All Day’.
  • Repeats - If this task is on a repeat schedule you can set this here. 
  • Assigned To - You can add a user(s) who is assigned this task. 
  • Team Reminder - You can set a reminder email to be sent to users a certain amount of time before the task starts
  • Notify Crew by E-mail? - When the task is saved, the assigned users will receive an email letting them know they have a new task. 

Click 'Save' to create the Basic task, after you have entered the information. 



Basic Tasks show on the calendar with a blue stripe on the left of them. You can filter them in or out using filters at the top of the calendar. 



When a user has finished a basic task, they can mark it complete in either the website version, or the Jobber App.


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