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The Jobber app simplifies tracking work in Jobber for users out in the field. On the app, users can access and view their assigned and scheduled visits, basic tasks or events.


When you open the Jobber App, it will open to your schedule for the day, showing your assigned work items scheduled for that date. Your schedule can be viewed in two different ways:

Day View

The day view will show your visits, tasks, and events laid out in a calendar. You can tap on an opening to start scheduling a new job or task. Scheduled item colors correspond to:

  • Green: Visits to a Job
  • Blue: Tasks
  • Yellow: Events



List View

The list view will show a list of all the visits, tasks, and events that you have to accomplish today. You'll see a few different icons for different scheduled items:

  • Green Truck (icon): Visits to a Job
  • Blue Clipboard (icon): Basic Task
  • Yellow Calendar (icon): Event 


Anytime visits or all day tasks and events will appear below any items that have a scheduled time, on the bottom of the list. The item on the list view will show the scheduled time, title, client name, and property address.


Team View

Team View will allow you to see and compare schedules for all of your team members. This will allow you to quickly and easily find a spot for a new job, or just see what your team is up to during the day. You can tap on a team member’s schedule to start scheduling a new job or task.

Use the progress indicator on the team selection view and calendar view to get a feel for how much each team member has on their plate—it shows what's completed out of the total amount of work assigned to them that day (ex. 2/7 → 2 completed of 7 assigned). This count will include tasks, jobs, and events assigned to that team member.






To find information on visits in the app, tap on the visit in the schedule. This will bring you to the visit details page, where you will find 4 sections:

  • Info
  • Job
  • Client
  • Notes

Info will show the instructions for the visits, attached job forms, and the line items. It will also show the quantity of the item, however pricing is not shown at this time.



Job will give you information about the job this visit is attached to.



Client will show the client's contact and property information.


Notes will show any notes and attachments on the job level for that visit. As long as the user has access to this from their permissions settings, they'll be able to view job notes and attachments.


Collecting payment

When the last visit of a job is completed, you will have the option to invoice for it now, invoice for it later, schedule another visit, or to put the job on hold.


Choosing to create an invoice will bring you to the invoice creation screen in the app, where you can edit the information, collect payment, or select more actions where you can do things like text or email this invoice. 


Tapping Collect Payment will bring you to the Collect Payment screen, allowing you to input payment information. If you need to record a partial amount, edit the amount to what you will be collecting from the client.


Learn more about collecting Jobber Payments in the Jobber App.


User information

The information related to the user logged in to the App is shown when you tap the gear icon in the top left of the schedule. This will bring you to a page showing your log in and outlining your company name and contact information. If you are part of a franchise, this is where you will go to navigate between your different accounts - there will be a drop down arrow next to the business name, simply click onto it to change to another account.



Tap Settings in the bottom right to see your name, log in email, and password, as well as to view your Jobber App information like current version you're using. You can make changes to your name, email, and password by tapping Edit at the top right of this screen.

You can also start a chat and ask for help any time by tapping the Need Help? button in the bottom left. This will open a message with our Success Team.

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