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Notes and Attachments in the Jobber App

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You can create notes and attachments in the Jobber App. 

Add, edit, or delete a note

To add a note click on the Visit > 'Notes' tab > New Note. You can then make a note and save.  


To add an attachment click 'Add Attachment'. You can then take a photo, use one from your library, or from another app. 


To edit or delete a note, click the note then make the changes, or click the delete button. 


Permissions to add, edit or delete notes

In order to add, edit, users must have permissions to 'View and Edit'. To delete notes they need permission to 'View, Edit, and Delete' notes. 

To edit a user's permissions click the Gear Icon > Manage Team > click on the users's name > click Show Advanced Permissions. You can then update their permission settings. 



Linking notes

You can link notes in the Jobber App the way you can on Jobber Online. When you create a note, there will be a checkbox option at the bottom of the page to show the note in another place in Jobber. For example, an internal note created on a job can show as an internal note on the invoice created for the job as well.


Adding an existing note to an email



On the Quote or Invoice that you are emailing to the client, you can click More Actions > Email. This will load a screen that shows the body of text that is sent along with the invoice, with an "add attachment" button in the bottom right. Clicking this button will allow you to add an already created note as an attachment on the email so that you can share it with the client. If there are any attachments on the client, those will be available to be attached to the email too. 

Note: there is an upload size limit of 10mb for email attachments, as many common email providers will only support file sizes up to 10mb. We have set our attachment limit at 10mb to make sure that everyone can view their attachments! 


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