Invoices, Payments, and Deposits

Batch Invoice Delivery by Standard Mail

You can get a printable PDF's of multiple invoices at one time, to mail to your clients by using Batch Invoice Delivery. 

Batch invoice delivery can be done from either, the Dashboard and the Invoices List Page. 

Batch Invoice Delivery from the Dashboard

On the dashboard, click Batch Deliver Invoices in the top right. This will only show if you have multiple Draft invoices waiting to be sent. 


Batch Invoice Delivery from the Invoices Page

You can also access Batch Invoice delivery, by clicking Invoices on the left, then click 'Invoice Delivery' on the right of this page. 

Batch Invoice delivery methods

To mail these invoices, select Send via Standard Mail. 


Selecting Invoices for Delivery

Image title

Select the invoices you want to send or resend. Select All or individually mark the clients to send invoices to. All Draft invoices will be listed first and Past Due Invoices will be listed below.

To continue, click Next Step


Selecting Mailing Label Size

Next, choose your preferred label size and enter which email you want to send these PDF’s to.

Click Send Now to confirm. Your PDF’s will then be generated and sent. 


Example Mailing Label and Invoice PDFs

To preview examples of each mailing label, click on any of the options below.

Avery 5160 Family Labels(30 Per Page) Avery 7160 Family Labels(20 Per Page)
Standard #10 Envelope 
Mailing Labels
Example Standard 
Mail Invoices

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