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Email Templates

In Jobber you can format the email templates you use to email your clients with. To edit email templates go to the Settings Gear > Settings > Email Templates from the sub menu. 

Email templates include:

  • Work Request Confirmation
  • Quotes
  • Quote Approval
  • Job Forms
  • Invoices
  • Payment and Deposit Receipts
  • Statements
  • Signed Documents (when a signature is collected in Jobber)
  • Chemical Tracking


The email template will allow you to customize or set up a default message for the body of text that is sent along when you email a quote, invoice, receipt, statement, signed document. There are also templates for when a quote has been approved by your client or as the confirmation that you receive a new work request.

You can edit the template on the left of the page with a preview of how the template will look on the left. 




You can use variables in your email templates so that Jobber will automatically enter the information specified by the variable for that client for you. Variables can be used in the subject line and body of the email template. 

For example if you use the variable {{CLIENT_NAME}} in an invoice template, if you were to email an invoice to 'John Smith' from Jobber, the email would autofill 'John Smith' where {{CLIENT_NAME}} was **added** into the template.

Clicking on Insert Variable will bring up a list of variables that you can choose from. Clicking on them will insert them into the template for you.



List of Email Variables

Please note: Some of these variables are context specific, so they will only show in certain areas. We've written these into the Output column below for you.

For example, the variable {{ASSIGNED_TO}} will only work in client reminders.

Variable Name



{{ACCOUNT_BALANCE}} Account balance

Client's account balance.
Please note that when using this variable with invoices the amount shown will be the balance before this invoice is sent

{{ADDRESS}} Service address

This is the service address, this is the location of the work taking place.

{{ASSIGNED_TO}} Assigned employee(s)  Assigned employees on a visit (Will only work on client reminders)
{{CLIENT_COMPANY_NAME}} Company name Client's company name
{{CLIENT_FIRST_NAME}} First name  Client's first name
{{CLIENT_LAST_NAME}} Last name  Client's last name
{{CLIENT_NAME}} Client name  Client's full name or company name
{{CLIENT_TITLE}} Client title  Client's Title (e.g. Mr, Mrs., etc.)
{{COMPANY_NAME}} Your company name  Your company name. You can specify this from branding settings
{{CURRENT_DATE}} Today (Day email is sent)  Email sent date
{{DEFAULT_PHONE}} Company phone number  Your company phone number, as entered in branding settings.
{{DEPOSIT_AMOUNT}} Deposit amount  Quote or invoice deposit amount (Will only work on quotes and invoices)
{{DISCOUNT_AMOUNT}} Discount amount  Quote or invoice discount amount (Will only work on quotes and invoices)
{{INVOICE_DUE_DATE}} Due date of payment Calculated or specified invoice due date (Will only work on invoices)
{{INVOICE_NUMBER}} Invoice number  Invoice identification number with pound (#) sign (Will only work on invoices)
{{INVOICE_SUBJECT}} Invoice subject  Invoice subject line (Will only work on invoices)
{{INVOICE_TOTAL}} Due date  Invoice total amount including tax, deposit, and discount (Will only work on invoices)
{{JOB_DESCRIPTION}} Subject Job description from a quote or job
{{JOB_NUMBER}} Number Job identification number
{{PAYMENT_AMOUNT}} Total  Payment or deposit amount (Will only work on receipts)
{{PAYMENT_OR_DEPOSIT}} Description  Payment types. Displays either payment, deposit, or refunded (Will only work on receipts)
{{QUOTE_NUMBER}} Number  Quote identification number with pound (#) sign (Will only work on quotes)
{{QUOTE_SENT_DATE}} Sent Date  Quote sent date (Will only work on quotes)
{{QUOTE_TOTAL}} Total  Quote total amount including tax and discount (Will only work on quotes)
{{VISIT_DATE_AND_TIME}} Date and time  Displays the visit schedule (Will only work on client reminders)
{{VISIT_DETAILS}} Summary  Displays the date, address, and time of the visit on separate lines (Will only work on client reminders)
{{VISIT_DATE_IN_WORDS}} Visit Date Displays the date in words (will only work on client reminders)
{{VISIT_LOCATION}} Service address Displays the visit service address (Will only work on client reminders)

Displays the start and end time of a visit (Will only work on client reminders)

Anytime visits will not display a time

{{WHEN_VISIT_OCCURS}} Time and Date Displays the start time and the date of a visit (Will only work on client reminders)


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