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Email Templates

In Jobber you can format the email templates you use to email your clients with. To edit email templates go to the Settings Gear > Settings > Email Templates from the sub menu. 

Email templates include:

  • Invoices
  • Quotes
  • Payment and Deposit Receipts
  • Statements
  • Signed Documents (when a signature is collected in Jobber)
  • Chemical Tracking
  • Client Reminder: Upcoming Visit



You can use variables in your email templates so that Jobber will automatically enter the information specified by the variable for that client for you. Variables can be used in the subject line and body of the email template. 

For example if you use the variable {{CLIENT_NAME}} in an invoice template, if you were to email a invoice to 'John Smith' from Jobber, the email would autofill 'John Smith' where {{CLIENT_NAME}} in the template. 

Here is an example:

Email Template

Screen_Shot_2015-11-26_at_3.46.31_PM.pngEmail to Client


List of Email Variables

Note: Variables are context specific, for example {{QUOTE_TOTAL}} is only available for quote emails. 

Variable Replacement in Generated Message
{{ACCOUNT_BALANCE}} Shows the Client's Balance - note that when using this variable with Invoices the number shown will be the pre-invoice account balance!
{{CURRENT_DATE}} The date that the e-mail is being sent
{{CLIENT_NAME}} The full name and title of the Client
{{CLIENT_COMPANY_NAME}} The name of your Client's company.
{{CLIENT_TITLE}} The Client's title (e.g. Mr, Mrs., etc...)
{{CLIENT_FIRST_NAME}} The Client's first name only
{{CLIENT_LAST_NAME}} The Client's last name only
{{DEFAULT_EMAIL}} The default e-mail address for your Jobber account. You can specify this e-mail address in your Company Branding Settings.
{{COMPANY_NAME}} Your company name as specified in your Jobber Account Settings
{{DEPOSIT_AMOUNT}} The amount of a Deposit recorded on a Quote or Invoice
{{DISCOUNT_AMOUNT}} The amount of a Discount recorded on a Quote or Invoice
{{PAYMENT_OR_DEPOSIT}} Specifies the Type of the PAYMENT_AMOUNT; either 'Payment' or 'Deposit'
{{PAYMENT_AMOUNT}} The amount of a Payment or Deposit
{{INVOICE_NUMBER}} The stored identification number for the Invoice
{{INVOICE_SUBJECT}} The subject line of the Invoice
{{INVOICE_TOTAL}} The total, tax included, amount of the Invoice
{{INVOICE_DUE_DATE}} The calculated or specified due date for the Invoice
{{QUOTE_TOTAL}} The total amount for the Quote
{{QUOTE_NUMBER}} The stored identification number for the Quote
{{QUOTE_SENT_DATE}} The date the Quote was sent
{{JOB_DESCRIPTION}} The text from the "job description" section of the job page (only for Client Reminders or Quotes)
{{JOB_NUMBER}} The stored identification number for the Job (only for Client Reminders and Invoices)
{{VISIT_DATE_AND_TIME}} The date and time of your Client's upcoming Visit (only on Client Reminders)
{{VISIT_DATE_IN_WORDS}} The date of the visit displayed as text (only on Client Reminders)
{{VISIT_DETAILS}} Prints the Date, Address and Time of your Visit on separate lines (only on Client Reminders)
{{VISIT_LOCATION}} Prints Address of your Visit (only on Client Reminders)
{{VISIT_CONFIRMATION_LINK}} Produces a clickable link that lets your Clients confirm Visits (only on Client Reminders)
{{ASSIGNED_TO}} Prints the user name(s) that the visit is assigned to (only on Client Reminders) 
{{VISIT_TIME}} Displays the time range of the visit


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