Jobber Payments

Setting up Jobber Payments

Welcome to Jobber Payments! 

To set up your account, go to the Gear icon > Settings > Jobber Payments. Click Turn On Jobber Payments to get started. 

A form will pop up for you to fill out. Most of these fields will be auto-populated from account information you have previously recorded in Jobber.. You will need to manually fill out your Date of Birth, SIN/SSN Number, as well as your Bank Account information (this is where the funds from your Jobber Payments will be deposited to). 



Important! Be sure to select the correct Business Type for your business - the options are either Company or Sole Proprietor.

After the form has been filled out, click Activate Jobber Payments at the bottom right. You will get a confirmation message at the top of the screen and a summary of the details you have entered.


You are now ready to start collecting payments with Jobber Payments! 

You will receive your first transfer into your bank account on a rolling five business day window after you have processed your first payment through Jobber Payments. Since this first payment goes through an authorization period, any other payments processed before this one is deposited will also take five business days. Once this payment has been successfully deposited into your account, the transfer window will shorten to a rolling two business day window. 

Jobber Payments is included with your subscription, and features competitive payment processing rates. Contact our Success team at or 1 888 721 1115 for information on payment processing rates. 

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