Invoices, Payments, and Deposits

Entering Payments and Deposits

Entering a Payment

New Payments and can be added by clicking New on the Billing history box, then selecting New Transaction.  Or you can go to the invoice and click Mark Paid in the top right. A prompt box will come up where you can enter the payment details. 



Entering a Deposit 

There are two ways to enter a deposit in Jobber:

  • Through the Billing History Box on a Client's page, or
  • Through an invoice on the Invoice creation page

Entering a deposit in the Billing History Box

To enter a deposit manually, find the Billing History Box on the right side of a Client's page and click New Deposit in the New drop down. This will bring up a pop up: 



Entering a Deposit on the Invoice 

If you have already applied the Deposit in the Billing History Box or are taking the deposit directly onto the Invoice. Add a deposit to an Invoice by going into the Invoice, and then into Actions > Edit. Click Add Deposit on the right of Deposits.



If you had previously recorded a deposit, clicking Add to the right of Deposits will give you the option to either Attach an Existing Deposit or Record a New Deposit.


Recording Partial Payments

You can record partial payments by using Deposits. To do this, go into the Invoice you would like to add a partial payment to, go into Actions > Edit, and click Add to the right of Deposits. You can add as many deposits as you need.




Recording Lump Sum Payments

Lump sum payments are useful in situations where Clients want to pay off multiple outstanding invoices at once. 

To record a lump sum payment, go into the Client's page, find the Billing History Box on the right side, and click Record Payment under the New dropdown.



Then enter the payment:



After clicking save, any invoices for this client that are awaiting payment will come up in a list. You can choose multiple invoices to apply this payment to:


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