Invoices, Payments, and Deposits

Invoice Status and Actions

Invoice Status

There are 5 possible statuses that an invoice can have and they will show next to the invoice icon at the top left of the invoice. The actions that can be performed on an invoice depend on its status.

  • Draft: The invoice has been created, but hasn't been sent to a client or marked as sent
  • Awaiting Payment: The invoice has been sent to a client, and has not been paid yet
  • Past Due: The invoice is past its due date, and hasn't been paid for, or marked Paid
  • Paid: A payment for the full invoice balance has been applied, or the invoice has been manually marked as Paid
  • Bad Debt: This invoice has been deemed partly or fully uncollectible. Either part of the remaining balance or the full invoice balance has been marked as bad debt to close out the invoice and remove it from the client’s Billing history. The invoice remains in Jobber for your records.

 The status will appear above the client's name in a colored box.



More Actions on Invoices

When an invoice has been created and is out of draft status, there are a number of actions that can be performed on it.


Collect Payment: This appears beside the Actions button and allows you to enter and apply a payment directly to the invoice. Once the full invoice balance has been paid through this button, the invoice status will automatically change to Paid

Edit: This appears beside the More Actions button. This will open the invoice edit page to allow for changes to be made

More Actions:

  • Mark as Paid: This will change the invoice status to Paid. By marking an invoice as paid you are not changing the total balance owed on the invoice.
  • Mark as Bad Debt: This will mark this Invoice as Bad Debt, deeming it uncollectible and removing it from Awaiting Payment and Past Due lists. If an invoice has been partially paid, marking it as Bad Debt will only affect the remaining balance owed.
  • Text Message: This will send the invoice to your client in a text message. The client will receive a text with a link to the client hub where they can view the invoice. 
  • E-mail to Client, or Resend E-mail to Client: This will allow you to email the invoice to your client. Learn more about Sending Invoices
  • Download PDF: This will open a PDF of the Invoice that you can download or print. Learn more about PDF Configuration settings.
  • Push to QuickBooks: This will flag this Invoice to sync with your QuickBooks Online account when you next sync
  • Collect Signature: This will allow you to collect your client's signature on the invoice. A PDF of the invoice with the signature attached to it will be saved in the Internal Notes and Attachments for that invoice. 

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