Invoices, Payments, and Deposits

Invoicing Basics

Invoices in Jobber can be created from:

  • The Dashboard
  • A Client Page
  • An Invoice Reminder 
  • A Job page


Creating an Invoice 


To create an invoice from the Dashboard or a Client page, click More Actions > New Invoice.


To create and invoice from an Invoice Reminder, select the reminder from your Calendar or Job page and click Create Invoice



To create an invoice from the Job page specifically you can click on More Actions > Generate Invoice


If the job already shows as 'Requires Invoicing', this option will be its own button beside More Actions. 



The next page you see will allow you to select what jobs you'd like to invoice for. Check them off to include them on the invoice, or uncheck them to not include them.




After you click 'Next Step', you will be taken to the invoice creation screen where you can fill out the details for the invoice.

At the top, you can: 

  • Include a Subject for the invoice
  • Click beside the invoice number to change it
  • Click on 'Date Sent' beside Issued Date to change it to a different day
  • Click on the payment net terms to change when the payment is due
  • Fill in or add in a new custom field for all invoices



In the middle, you can:

  • Add line items from your services and products list
  • Set a Service Date for those line items


At the bottom, you can:

  • Add a Client message for this invoice
  • Change the Client view for what they can see on the PDF of the invoice
  • Add a Discount
  • Edit the Tax rate for the invoice
  • Add a Deposit




Once you have the invoice set up how you need it, you can save the invoice. If you click onto the arrow next to the 'Save Invoice' button you will see other options to 'Save and' - here you can simultaneously save this invoice and collect a payment. If you collect the full balance of the invoice, the status will show as 'Paid' and the balance will change to $0.00.




When a payment has been recorded in Jobber it will be listed at the bottom of the invoice and will show the payment date and amount paid. You will see the remaining balance of the invoice, as well as the client's full account balance.


Invoice Statuses 


When an invoice is first saved, it will be in Draft status. It will not yet be included in your client's Billing history, or visible in their Client Hub.

The next step is to select More Actions > Email to Client or Send Text Message located next to the More Actions button. This will send a copy of the invoice to your client with an option to view that invoice online. You can also click More Actions > Mark as Sent if you are printing a copy or the client doesn't need a copy. Marking an invoice as sent will remove it from draft status. 

After an invoice is emailed, texted, or marked as sent its status will change to Awaiting Payment.

When you receive a payment from your client, you can click Collect Payment beside the More Actions button. When the invoice has been paid in full, the status will change to Paid. If the invoice is not paid within your payment terms it will show as Past Due..

If you are unable to collect a payment from the client, you can choose to mark the invoice as Bad Debt from More Actions > Bad Debt. This will write off the remaining balance on the invoice so the client no longer shows as owing, it will also remove that amount from reports within Jobber.

Learn more about Invoice Statuses.

Invoice Reminders

You can set up jobs to remind you to invoice at the correct times using Invoice Reminders. Learn more about Invoice Reminders.



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