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To open Quick Create, tap on the + in the bottom right corner of the Jobber App. You can use Quick Create to create the following:

  • Client
  • Expense
  • Invoice
  • Job
  • Quote
  • Request
  • Task





Tap on Client to bring you to the client creation page, where you can input a new client's information. You can also click the button to Add from Contacts, to import one of the contacts stored on your phone.


Setting up the client will prompt you to enter client details like the name, company, and contact information such as phone number or email address.


If you have any client level custom fields they can be filled out in the additional details section.


Property information can also be added on the client create screen. The property address can be added, along with details like the tax rate for that property as well as custom fields.

Screen_Shot_2019-10-09_at_11.21.22_AM.png Screen_Shot_2019-10-09_at_11.21.31_AM.png



Tap on Expense to bring you to the New Expense page, where you can input the expense information and add the expense to a particular job.



Tap on Invoice from the quick create menu to open the invoice creation screen.

Note: Creating an invoice from the quick create menu will not associate the invoice with a job. This is a good way to create a one-off invoice. 

Select a client, then select an issued date and payment terms. If you leave the issued date field blank, it will populate later with the date the invoice is either sent (via email or text) or marked as sent. 


Then add the line items that you will be invoicing for. Below the add line item button you can add a discount (either as a dollar amount or a percentage). You can also select an existing tax rate or create a new tax rate by choosing the option for new tax rate from the tax dropdown. The total of the invoice will reflect any discount or taxes added to the invoice. There is also a field for a client message that you can use to add any other relevant information to the client.



Tap on Job, on the new job page, select a client and a property, and continue setting up your one-off job.

Learn more about creating new one-off jobs in the Jobber app.



Tap on Quote to access the New Quote page. You will need to tap onto Details on the right to select a client and property to create this new quote for.





Tap on Request to bring you to the New Request page where you will be prompted to enter the details of the work request, including client and property information.

Learn more about Work Requests.


The on-site assessment is optional. If you would like to schedule an on-site assessment, you can toggle the switch ON and you will be prompted to schedule the date and time, and assign your team. 




Tap on Task to create a new Basic task for a specific day, adding a client and property to tasks is optional.


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