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Client Information in the Jobber App

To view Client information within the App you will first start by selecting the Clients tab in the bottom right hand corner of the App. You will see all Clients listed here that have scheduled work for the current date. To view any other Clients you will need to use the search box at the top and tap onto the magnifying glass to complete your search.



Once you go into a Client's page you will be taken to the Info tab. This will list the basic information for this Client including Contact information, Billing/Service Addresses and any other additional information you have stored on this Client within your Jobber account. You can also add any additional Properties for this Client if needed. 





The Notes tab will list any Internal Notes attached to this Client. It will list the date and time the note was added and include a picture of the user who added it. You can also create Client Notes directly from this area as well by hitting the Create Note option.




The Quotes tab will list any Quotes created for this Client, these Quotes can also be sorted by Status. By default the App will list All Quotes, however you can change that to display only the following: Draft, Sent, Won or Archived



The last section is the Billing information, here you can see any Invoices or Payments associated with this Client. Again, this area can be sorted to view only specific information. When viewing Invoices you can sort by status, this includes: All, Past Due, Awaiting Payment, Draft, Paid and Bad Debt. If you select Payments it will list all Payments for this Client. At the top of the Client page you will see the Account Balance listed as well to see if the Client has any debt or credit with you. 


If you're in the field and need to take a payment, click on the invoice in the Billing tab and open up the overview. From here, you can click on the green Collect Payment button. 


This will prompt a page that will allow you to decide how you would like to payment. Is this going to be a cash or cheque based transaction? You will be able to choose what date, the amount paid, cheque number and any additional details or notes about the payment you may want to relay back to the office! 


You will get a confirmation pop up in green once the transaction has successfully been updated! 







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