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Creating a Quote in the Jobber App

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You can create a Quote in the Jobber App from two different areas:

  • Quick Create Menu
  • Client page

Here we'll walk you through how to create a quote in the app and what actions you can take on these quotes once they're made.

Quick Create Menu

Tap onto the + at the bottom right of your screen, then select Quote


Client Page

Search for your client by first tapping on the Clients icon at the bottom of your screen. Type their name and select the client to access their page. If you need to create a new client, tap the green + button to enter in their details. 

On the client's profile, tap on the Quotes tab. Then click New Quote.



Creating the Quote 

Select Products & Services you have listed in your account by typing into the Line Items text box. If this item doesn't exist yet, you can create them by typing them in here and selecting 'Add'. After you've selected the line items to the quote you can add a discount, tax rate, and a required deposit. 



Selecting the Details tab will allow you to select the client (if creating the quote from the Quick Create menu) and property that this quote belongs to. If the client only has 1 property that address will show as the default for this quote. You will also see any quote Custom Field information under Additional Info on that tab.


Actions on Quotes

To send a quote to your Client, save the quote, then tap Send Text Message:




This will bring up a preview of the text you're about to send to your Client, it will be addressed to the phone number on file that was selected as the primary email with the star icon and is also text message enabled. You can change the number this text is going to by clicking the "x" on the number and typing in a new one. 


If your client prefers to receive the quote via email, you can send it that way by clicking the Actions button and selecting Email.


You will still have the opportunity to preview the quote and edit the email address it's going to. By default the email address will be the primary email address for that client, but you can also add another recipient, add a CC, and send yourself a copy. 



After you send the quote to your client the status will change to Awaiting Response. To re-send a copy of the quote to your client or convert the quote to a job click onto the Actions button.

To approve the quote in person tap Actions > Approve Quote. This will bring up a signature screen where the Client can sign to approve the quote.


 If you don't require a signature just tap 'Skip Signature' at the bottom of the screen.



If you have a required deposit added to the quote you will be able to record the deposit payment once the signature has been captured or skipped. 


For accounts using Jobber Payments, the default payment method will be credit card and you can charge on the spot or choose Cash, Check, or Other as alternative payment methods. Once the deposit payment has been saved it will be recorded back on the main quote. 


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