Company Settings

Custom Fields Through the Settings Menu

Custom Fields help you track additional information that can be specific to your business. These fields exist for: 

  • Properties 
  • Clients 
  • Quotes 
  • Jobs 
  • Invoices 
  • Team

Adding a Custom Field

To add a new field, go to your Gear icon > Settings > Custom Fields. Click the + Add Field button on the area that you would like the field for. 


Options for the custom field:

  • Applies to: Choose whether this field is for properties, clients, quotes, jobs, invoices, or team. 
  • Transferable Field: You can make custom fields transfer down from items to avoid duplicate entry. Learn more about Transferable Custom Fields
  • Name: Enter what you want the name of the custom field to be.
  • Value Type: Decide how you want to store information. 
    • True/False creates a check box field. 
    • Numeric creates a field that only accepts numbers. 
    • Text creates a box where you can enter text. 
    • Area creates a field where you can enter length and width.
    • Select allows you to create a drop down with certain options. 
  • Default Value: Set the default value in the custom field for it to apply to all fields in your account, or leave it blank so that you can enter in this information as you go.


Using Custom Fields

Custom fields will appear at the top of the page, under details, for each area that the field was created for. For example, if you have a custom field on clients it will appear in the top right of a client profile under their contact details. 




To enter or edit information in a custom field, click Actions > Edit on the item. 

If a custom field is left blank, it will NOT appear on the page, but will still appear on the edit screen. 

Below is a GIF showing how to edit custom fields on a client. The fields below Additional Client Details are custom fields. All the different field types are shown here, including true/false, numeric, area, selection type, and text. 



Editing or Deleting Custom Fields

To edit or delete a custom field, go into your Gear icon > Custom Fields and click on the field you want to edit. This will allow you to change the field name and default value. You cannot change the field type after it has been created.

If you delete a custom field, the data that you have entered into that field will be deleted as well. 


If you have multiple custom fields, you can drag them into the order you want them to appear by using the Drag icon to the left of them.  

Client Visibility 

You can change the client visibility of your PDFs by going into your Gear icon > Settings > Branding > Open PDF Configuration. This will bring up a pop up that will allow you to change settings and text for your overall PDF template, and templates specifically for Invoices, Quotes, and Jobs. Your custom fields will appear underneath the contract/disclaimer message box for each option and to mark them visible to your clients you will need to check the box beside them.

Learn more about the PDF Configuration Tool


Custom Field Reporting

Custom fields can be seen in reports. To get to reports go to Management > Reports. Custom fields will show where they are created—as an example, to see information about custom fields on invoices, go to the Invoice report. 

On these reports you'll find all of your Custom Fields within the Columns drop down list. To select the custom field to shown on the report, mark the checkbox beside it. 



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