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Transferable Custom Fields

Transferable custom fields allow you to record and track business-specific information in Jobber.  

Creating a Transferable Custom Field

To create a transferable custom field, create a new custom field in the top level you want this field in through Settings > Custom Fields

Learn more about adding Custom Fields

Check off Transferable Field to make this field transferable. 


Click Create Custom Field when you're done making changes. 

Transferable Custom Fields transfer downwards from the level they're created. Here's a handy chart for reference: 


Once created, filling out these fields at the highest level will transfer that information downwards. For example, if you were to create a transferable custom field named 'Gate Code' on the property level for your Client, John Snow, and fill it out on a quote with 1234, this gate code would then show up on jobs, and invoices converted from that quote. However, if you were to create a new property for John, this information wouldn't automatically show up — because the property level is above the quotes level. If you originally put the gate code in at the property level, it would then show up on each quote, job, and invoice created from that property. 


Editing a Transferable Custom Field

Custom fields will not transfer to pre-existing information. 

Transferred data will appear when you create a new client, quote, job, or invoice, but not when you edit any of these pre-existing records. 


Deleting a Transferable Custom Field

To delete a transferable custom field, find where this field originally existed, click on it, and hit delete in the bottom left. 

Deleting a custom field will also delete all of the information that currently exists in those fields. 

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