Client Notifications

Client Reminders

Customize and automate notifications to keep your clients in the loop at key points before, during, and after the work.
This feature is available on select plans. Learn more.
Reminders are used to help your clients keep track of when you have scheduled assessments or visits for them.
There are 3 types of Client reminders: 
Reminders can be sent automatically, or manually (email only).

To set up automatic reminders go into your Gear icon > Settings > Client Reminders

Client reminder settings

On the Client reminder settings page, there are 4 options:  

  • Status: Turn this automatic reminder schedule On or Off 
  • Send Via: Email or Text Message
  • Remind Client: Set the schedule for when Client reminders will send out
  • At this Time (Optional): Set a specific time of day that Client reminders will send out. You will need to choose a time for Text Message reminders to be sent to anytime visits.


Sending manual Client reminders

To send a manual email client reminder, click on an incomplete assessment or visit and choose View Details. In this popup, click on Send Client Reminder from the More Actions drop down. 

Note: Sending a manual reminder will not override scheduled automatic reminders. A manually sent reminder will be sent in addition to the scheduled automatic reminders

Customizing Client reminders

To see what your Client reminders look like, scroll to the bottom of the Client Reminders page Gear icon > Settings > Client Reminders and choose which reminders you'd like to view and edit.



Here you will be able to edit the email and text message templates for both assessments and visits - 4 in total - as well as see a preview of what this will look like to your clients. From the Insert Variable button you can choose variables to include which will auto-fill information into these reminders.

Disabling Reminders for Clients

Email Client reminders are turned on by default for every Client. 

To disable reminders for any individual Client, go to their page and switch the Client Receives Automatic Reminders to NO.


Confirmation Links

If you include a Confirmation Link in your reminder message, your Clients will have an opportunity to confirm your Request assessment or Visit.

Confirmations will appear on the assessment or visit. These can be accessed on the list view of the calendar, Client page, Job page, and also by viewing visit details from the calendar.

List view of the calendar:


Client profile:



Visit details:


Overdue Invoice Reminders

You can send reminders to your clients about overdue invoices. This can also be found in Settings > Client Reminders. You can find more information about overdue invoice reminders here

These reminders follow the same format as the visit and request reminders, where you toggle the reminder on or off, and select from the "Remind Client" dropdown when you want the reminder to be sent. These reminders are sent via email only. 


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