Client Reminders

Enabling SMS Reminders for Multiple Clients

SMS Reminders are currently available in the U.S. and Canada on our Connect or Unlimited plans.

Your clients need to be 'opted in' to receive automatic SMS reminders for visits. While this can be done one client a time from the client profile, you can update more than one client at a time using the client list export from the clients page. 

First, you will need to export your current client list. To do this go to People on the left, then on the right of the People page, click 'Export Clients'. 



Choose the CSV option from the next pop-up window to download a CSV file:



Once you have the CSV file, you can scroll to the right to find the columns SMS Enabled Phone # and Receives automatic client reminders?

For the SMS Enabled Phone #, you must copy the exact number as its stated in this CSV as the number to enable for SMS under this client. For Receives automatic client reminders? , true will indicate that it is turned on for them while false will indicate that it is turned off.


After you have made the changes, you can save the CSV file. Then go back to People, and click Import Clients on the right of this page. You can then select your file and upload it. Jobber will map the changes onto your clients. 


All Clients that you input a phone number for in the SMS Enabled Phone # column will be toggled to receive SMS Reminders in their profiles. 

Important Notes:

  • Any changes made to this CSV file will not affect the Reminder Schedule itself. In order for messages to be sent automatically, a schedule for those Reminders will still need to be set up under the Client Reminders page in Settings. 
  • Clients with multiple properties will show up multiple times in the CSV export - you will want to fill in each row for each client to avoid any jobs under different properties being missed. 


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