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Job Forms are available on our Connect and Unlimited plans

We have also have a video that illustrates these steps. 

How to Turn on Job Forms

Go to the Gear icon > Settings > Job Forms and click on the Try Job Forms button to get started. 

How to Build a Job Form

To get started, click on the New Job Form button.

First, Choose a Job Form Name. Then choose how you want your team to fill out these boxes. You can create drop down, check boxes, or small and large text fields to be filled. 

Please note: we don't have an exact character cut off for name fields but if there is a lot of text in those fields it will cut off while being viewed online and in the Jobber App. 

You can also choose to set the Job Form to be automatically added to all new jobs created in the system. This is done with the Automatically attach to new jobs checkbox at the bottom of the form.

You can create as many forms as you need!


New Job Form > Fill out Fields > Save

How do I add Job Forms to specific jobs?

If you want forms to only show up on some of the jobs you create, you will be prompted to add them when you create a new job. If you do remove a specific form from a Job, your old filled-out forms will still remain on the visits. 



How does my team fill out a Job Form?

Your team in the field will be able to fill out a Job Form by going into the visits from their schedule that is associated with the job you've added the forms to. 

All they need to do is click on the Job Form section:



This will open up the relevant Job Form, and your team will need to click 'Edit' from the upper right corner to fill out the form. 

How do I see a completed Job Form?

You can see a completed Job Form by navigating to the visit. Visits are accessible from either the calendar or from the job. You will want to click the date of this visit and a pop-up will appear with a tab for "job forms". That is where you can see the Job Form that was completed during the visit. 


How can I share a Job Form with my clients?

When you access your visit through the Jobber app or online, there are two actions that you can take with Job Forms: Email or Download



When you click to email the Job Form, an email template will appear which can be customized through your Settings > Job Forms page.


The email will include a PDF copy of the form, and you can add any other attachments that you would like to send to your client as well. The sent form will always be the last saved version of your form so we recommend that you double check for accuracy before you send. All sent emails will be able to be viewed on your Client Communications report.

The style of this PDF image comes from the same settings that you have for your Job PDF's. This is located in Settings > Branding > Open PDF Configuration for you to update. Forms can only be downloaded one at a time by clicking onto the Download button on the visit. The downloaded PDF will show the last saved version of the form.


What happens if I turn off Job Forms?

If you turn off Job Forms you and your team will no longer see the forms anywhere in the program. We will preserve your previous Job Forms, so if you turn the feature back on you will see all of the forms that had already been created, attached, and filled-out.

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