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Setting up Your Xero Sync

Integration with Xero is available on our Core, Connect, and Unlimited plans.

You can sync Clients, Services & Products, and Invoices by integrating Jobber with Xero. 

Note: Jobber does not sync payments with Xero.

How to set up Xero integration:

1. Go to the Gear Icon > Settings > Accounting Sync.

2. Click 'Connect to Xero'. You will be directed to Xero and asked to login (if you are not logged in already). 



3. Choose which organization in Xero that you want to sync with Jobber and click Authorise



4. You will be redirected back to Jobber where you will need to set your integration details for what you would like Jobber to sync with Xero. Check out how items sync to Xero so you know what to expect moving forward. After your first sync your preferences will be saved for future syncs.

  • Clients: This is a two-way sync of your clients. Clients in Xero will be added to Jobber and clients from Jobber will be added to Xero.
  • Services & Products: Jobber will pull down all active items from Xero. It will then push new services & products entered into Jobber to Xero.
  • Invoices: Jobber will push all flagged Invoices to Xero. Look for the 'Push To Xero' link in the actions menu at the top right of an invoice.

5. Click 'Sync Now!' to run a sync. You can keep using Jobber as the sync runs. This is a manual sync, not automatic, and will need to be trigged from the 'Sync Now!' button each time.




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