Creating New Properties

 You can create a Property a few different ways in Jobber:

  • By creating a new Client
  • Through a Client's page
  • The Properties section

Creating a New Property Through Creating a New Client

Create a new property by going to People from the sidebar. Then click New Client in the top right corner.


Clicking New Client will bring you to the client creation page, where you can input the client's property details on the right.


When you start typing in the property address, we autofill the address using Google Maps. If you see the correct address from the list, you can select it and the rest of the information will be filled in for you and you can view the property on a map. That's the area around Jobber HQ in the photo below!


If the autofill in the property search isn't locating your property, you can enter the property details yourself instead of using the autofill. From the property search dropdown, select the option to Use the property details that you have typed in so far. This is a good option if you are working somewhere that might not be on Google Maps yet, such as new construction. 


Clicking Create Client will save this property under your newly created client.

If you need to make any updates, you can go back into the property edit screen from the client profile by clicking Actions > Edit. This time, it won't show the map with the property search bar. Instead you can manually make changes to the address. 



To add additional properties to a client, take a look below where you can learn to add properties through a Client's page.

Creating a New Property Through a Client's Page

Create a new property through a client's page by opening their page. Do this by searching for it in the People section, or by using the Global Search magnifying glass in the top navigation. Once on the client page, find the Properties section, and click + New Property to input the property information. 

Screen_Shot_2019-07-12_at_9.37.29_AM.pngClicking + New will bring you to a screen where you can input this property information. When you start typing in the property address, suggestions will appear based on your text. If the address you are looking for doesn't appear, select the Use option to enter it manually. 


Creating a New Property through the Properties Section

You can create a new property from the Properties tab on the sidebar. Click the New Property button in the top right corner of this page.



This will bring up a popup screen where you can choose an existing client, or create a new one: 



Either choosing an existing client or creating a new one will bring you to a page where you can input and save this new property information.

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