Square Register Error Messages

Error Code Returned From Square Register: Could Not Perform.

This error is shown when a number of issues happen. Below are the most common reasons for the error and ways to fix them:

Reason for error: How to resolve:
Register not installed or device not supported. Usually indicates that Square Register is not installed on the device, or a version of Square Register that does not support the Commerce API is installed on the device.
Download or Update to Newest Square Register Version
Square Register Compatible Devices
Incorrect bank account details in Square. If your bank details are incorrect or your details have not been verified then you will see the could not perform error when trying to send a payment to Square Register. See the Square help article below to fix the issue.
Square Link and Edit Bank Account Details
Square Bank Account Setting Troubleshooting
Offline Mode in Square Register is turned on. Offline Mode is currently not supported by the Square API for third party applications.
If Offline mode is on in Square Register, when clicking collect with Square in Jobber it will take you to the Register app and immediately send you back to Jobber with the error code could not perform.
Turn off Offline Mode under Settings > Offline Mode
Not signed into Register or login expired. If your login session has expired or you are not currently logged in, log into Square Register with the Square account that you have authorized with Jobber.


Error Code Returned From Square Register: Merchant ID Mismatch.

Reason for error: How to resolve:
Signed in with incorrect Square account. When sending a payment amount to Register from Jobber, you must be signed into the Square account that you previously authorized with Jobber.
If you are signed into a different Square account then you must either use the correct account that was used to connect with Jobber, or disconnect the current Square account from Jobber and connect the new account.

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