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New Jobber look on your mobile device

We are retiring an outdated version of Jobber. The version we’re referring to is green and yellow, and can be accessed through an internet browser on your smartphone or tablet (shown in the image below).

We are replacing it with an updated version. This new version gives you access to exactly the same information, along with the ability to use all of the latest features and functionality in Jobber from your mobile device.

The change that we are referring to is NOT the Jobber app that you would have downloaded from the App Store or Google Play store.




Why is Jobber making this change?

In order to ensure Jobber is the best software it can be, we need to ensure that we are staying current with our technology. This outdated version was utilizing a number of aging technologies and restricting our ability to create awesome features for our Jobber customers. With the combination of our new version of Jobber on the web browser and our always improving Jobber App, we will have two great tools to support your company and deliver awesome service for your clients.

Benefits with the new updated version:

  • You are able to use the latest features and functionality in Jobber on your mobile device.
    • A couple of examples are Work Requests and Job Forms
  • You can add line items, assign your team, and create a new client on the same page you create a job.
  • You can create tasks, jobs, and move visits on the calendar.
  • The new view looks very similar to the version you use on your desktop computer.


How do I know who on my team is using the outdated version?

We have identified anyone that has used the outdated version in the past 60 days. We will be contacting all of these recent users to notify them all of the change.


What additional support is available for myself or my team?

Related to the switch we have a couple of additional resources:


How do I switch from the outdated version to the up-to-date version?

There are a different few ways to switch from the outdated version to the up-to-date version of Jobber. Log in to the outdated version of Jobber on your mobile device:

1) Click the 3 bars in the top left, and click "Desktop Interface" from the menu

2) Go to the dashboard and find the notification message at the top of the page, and click “switch now”

3) If you're personally using this outdated version you can switch to the up-to-date version by clicking here on your mobile device. 

We recommend that you switch early to avoid any interruption to your workflow.


What happens when the old view is retired?

If you haven't made the switch to the up-to-date version when the old version is retired, you will be automatically switched over. All your account information, employee permissions, settings will be exactly the same, and you will have access to the same features.

No additional setup required. Your customers will not notice any changes on their end.


On the new updated version, where will my work be?

To get to the calendar, jobs, quotes, invoices, etc., click the Menu button in the top left.



How do I save this version to the home screen of my phone?


In Google Chrome go to and login in the top right. Then select the 3 dots at the top and select ‘add to home screen’. This will add the Jobber website as an icon to your home screen. 


In Safari go to and login in the top right. Select the 'share' icon at the bottom of the screen (a square with an arrow icon pointed upwards). Select 'add to home screen' icon and then 'add'. This will add the Jobber website as an icon to your home screen. 

If you have the outdated version saved as a bookmark on your phone, or saved to the home screen, then you will need to re-save the new version.


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