Quote Approvals

Using quote approvals, you can seamlessly have your clients approve or request changes to a quote through digital signature.
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Manually changing quote statuses

If you don't (or would rather not to) email your clients quotes, you can still alter the status of a quote. Do this through the Actions dropdown, under the Mark as... section. You can change quote statuses this way at any point in time.

Sending quotes to a client for approval

The process of sending a quote approval starts with the creation of a draft quote. 

To send a quote to a client for approval, click Email to Client. Sending an email to your client will change its status from Draft to Awaiting Response.


The quote approval email

When you email a quote to your client, it looks like this:


If you have client hub set up to list quotes and invoices:
Clicking on View Quote Online will take your client to their client hub, where they can Sign and Approve or Request Changes to this quote.

If you DO NOT have client hub turned on:
Clicking on View Quote Online will take your client to the quote online where they can Sign and Approve or Request Changes to this quote.


Approving a quote

When your client approves a quote, a signature pad comes up which will allow them to sign and approve the quote. This will then apply the signature to the quote, and change the quote status to Approved. This will save as a note on the quote page. Both Jobber administrators and the Client will be sent an email notification when a quote has been approved.


 If a client is signing for a quote online, they will be given the option to type in a signature:


Approve and pay for a quote deposit

Please note that you can only approve and pay for deposits through a Jobber Payments or Stripe payment integration.

Learn more about Jobber Payments

With Client Hub, if you have a required deposit set on a quote that is sent to a client, they can approve and pay for a quote by clicking Approve and Pay. This will bring up a popup where they can sign, approve, and pay for the quote deposit. Submitting this will send an email notification to Jobber administrators, and will change the quote status to Approved.



Requesting changes to a quote

When a client clicks Request Changes, a popup will come up where they can type in their requested changes. Clicking Send Request will submit the changes, sending an email notification to Jobber administrators, and change the quote status to Requested Changes

When a quote is sent back to you by a client with requested changes, they will no longer be able to view the quote. This quote will remain invisible to the client until you amend the quote and either email it back to the client, or mark it as sent. They will then be able to see the quote again, with the updated quote details:


Requested changes submitted by your Clients will also show on the bottom right of the quote page:


Approving a quote in the Jobber App

To collect your client's signature in person, open the Jobber App to the quote, and tap on Approve Quote in order to collect their signature. This will open up to a signature pad where they can sign. Hitting Save will save this signed quote on the quote page:



Converting a quote

To convert an approved quote to a job, click Convert to Job or find it under the Actions dropdown. This will allow you to create a job from the quote. 

Learn more about job creation


Managing your quotes

You'll be able to see quotes with different statuses in the following places:

Work overview page


Quote overview page



You have two different options under Management to find reports on your quotes: Quotes created and Quotes converted. Either one will take you to a report which will allow you to see all of your quotes and filter through them:

Turning off Client Signatures

If your company does not require signatures in order to approve quotes. you can turn off the ability to sign for and approve quotes through Management > Work Settings



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