Mass emailing using Jobber and MailChimp

One great way to reach out to your current, former and future clients is mass emailing. This post will help you create an email campaign using Jobber’s CSV export and MailChimp.

What is MailChimp?

MailChimp is a user-friendly marketing automation system that allows you to create mass email campaigns for free. They also have paid plans, if you would like additional features. 

The Step-by-Step Guide

This is a basic guide to using Jobber and MailChimp together. 

Step 1: Export your Client List from Jobber

Login to Jobber, select ‘Clients’ on the left, then click ‘Export’ button on the right of this page. You can select CSV as the file format. Jobber will then email you the file and you can download it. 


Step 2: Sign up for a Free MailChimp Account

The next step is to sign up for a free MailChimp account.

Step 3: Creating your Mailing List

In your MailChimp account, go to your lists page. From the lists page, click the ‘Create List’ button in the top right to create a mailing list. 

You’ll be asked to fill out some default information for your list. This information is used to automatically remove some of the work when you’re generating a mass email campaign.


Step 4: Importing your CSV Client List

Once you’ve created a mailing list, it’s time to populate it with your clients from Jobber.

After you create the list, it will be empty, so click 'Import Subscribers' to add your clients from Jobber. 


You’ll now be taken to a new page with options for importing. Select 'CSV or tab-delimited text file'. Then click 'Next'. Click ‘Browse’ and upload the CSV file you exported from Jobber.

Step 5: Matching Columns

After you’ve uploaded your client list, MailChimp will ask you to match your columns.

The column matching process takes each column from your .csv file and lets you choose how to interpret it in MailChimp.


Jobber’s CSV export actually provides far more information than you’ll want to use. You can 'skip' columns you do not need entered. 

Step 6: Creating a Mass Email Campaign

Congrats, you have now a mailing list exported from Jobber and uploaded to MailChimp! We’re almost done! The last step is creating a mass email campaign.

In the top left hand click 'Campaigns', and then select 'Create a Campaign'. MailChimp will then walk you through creating your first email campaign, by selecting clients, setting up the campaign, creating a template and 

Final Tips

One great idea you can try is setting up a mailing list with just your own email address. This way you can create an email campaign, send yourself the message, and see exactly what your clients will be receiving.

Once you’ve sent out your mass email, MailChimp lets you track how many times it’s been opened, where in the world people are opening it, how many deliveries were successful and other important details. This can be done from the ‘Reports’ page.

If you need any help exporting your clients from Jobber, feel free to contact our support team at, call 1 888 721 1115, or open a chat in the top right corner of your account. If you run into any snags you can get help from MailChimp’s support network. 

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