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Tax Rates on Quotes and Invoices

In Jobber, you can set up different tax names and rates. For situations where multiple tax rates are needed for an invoice, you can combine tax rates. Taxes can be set on a global level for all of your future invoices and quotes, or can be set on an individual property, quote, or invoice level.

When a tax rate is set on a quote, and that quote is converted into a job, the invoice created from that job will automatically have the tax rate set on the quote applied to it.  


Creating a new tax rate

To add a new tax rate, just go into your tax settings: Settings > Company Settings, under the Tax Settings section. Clicking Create Tax Rate will allow you to name and specify the new tax rate's ID number.



Creating a new combined tax

To create a new combined tax, just go into your tax settings: Settings > Company Settings, under the Tax Settings section. Clicking Create Tax Group will allow you to name and specify which taxes you want to include in this combined tax:

Please note that these taxes will need to be created already before you can combine them


You'll see that this combines these together, adding the tax rates to make one total rate:



Selecting tax rates on quotes or invoices online

To select a tax rate on a quote or invoice, you will need to be in the creation or edit screen (Either be making a new quote/invoice, or if it already exists, go into Actions > Edit). Going down to the bottom right will allow you to select your tax rate:


Reporting on Taxes

All of your tax information can be found in your reports, in the Taxation ReportInvoices Report, and the Bad Debt Report. These can be found in the Management section.



Taxes in your QBO and Xero sync

With Xero and QBO syncs, you’ll want to double-check that your tax names and rates match with Xero/QBO and Jobber. During the sync, if the name doesn’t match, then Jobber looks for the first instance of that tax rate and tries to match to that value.

This will come up as a warning on your Sync & Settings page — the invoice will still sync over, but will apply the next applicable tax with the same rate. 

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