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Working in Jobber

These links will cover some need-to-knows for how to get started working in the field and in the office. 

In the Field:

Mobile training video

Get an introduction to the mobile app works with this article.

Quick Create in the App

Learn how to quickly create new items in the app. This includes clients, expenses, jobs, quotes, requests, and tasks. 

Create a Shortcut 

If you would prefer to use Jobber Online rather than the Jobber App, you can set up a shortcut to access Jobber Online from your phone.

Mobile Guide 

Check out our handy guide to Mastering the Jobber App.

In the Office:


Learn how to use our Work Request feature! You can create internal work requests to schedule your team when they need to visit a property to create a quote. Your clients can also submit work requests to you when they need some work done and you can then schedule and convert these into a quote or job. 


Learn how to create a quote and send it to your client for their approval before you begin the work. 

Getting Started Videos

Check out our videos to learn how to get started with Jobber in various industries. 

Booking Jobs

Learn how to fill up your schedule with the two kinds of jobs in Jobber- one-off jobs and recurring jobs.

Invoicing & Batch Invoicing

Learn how to create and send an invoice. To create many invoices at once, learn how to use our batch invoice creation feature.

Collecting Payments

Learn how to get paid or record a payment that you have received. 

Client Hub

Learn how your clients can sign into their secure portal where they can request work from you as well as view their quotes and invoices. 

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