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Basic Account Setup

These articles cover the basics of getting your Jobber account set up. 

Suggested Workflow

This video shows the typical work flow in Jobber and the order in what you will want to create each item.


Learn how to set up your company's branding including contact information, logo, and social media links, and how this information is configured on your PDFs.


Learn how to set up your QuickBooks Online Sync and how items (clients, services/products, invoices/payments, and time sheets) sync between Jobber and QuickBooks. 

Tax Rates and Services & Products

Learn how to set up tax rates for the various areas you service as well as how to make specific line items taxable or non-taxable. 

Adding Employees and Permissions

Learn how to add a new employee and how to set up their permissions (what they can and can't see in your Jobber account). 

Calendar Colors

Learn how you can color code your Jobber calendar based on who a visit is assigned to or based on a keyword. 

Calendar Syncing

Learn how to sync your Jobber calendar with your personal calendar (for example, Google Calendar, or iCal). 

Jobber Payments

Learn how you can accept credit card payments through your Jobber account with our own credit card processor, Jobber Payments

Custom Fields

Learn how to add a field to store extra information in your Jobber account beyond what the default fields are. You can use custom fields to store information like a gate code, lawn size, or how a client found your business. 

How to Get Help on Settings

Learn how you can contact our Success Team if you need a hand! 

Video Manual

Check out our video manual! It runs through the full Jobber Workflow.


Note: These features cover the basics of how to get your Jobber account set up. For more advanced settings, please see the advanced account setup

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