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Beta - Appointments in Client Hub


Beta - With our new "Appointments in Client Hub" feature, the next time your customers are in Client Hub they will be able to see a list of their most recent past and future appointments!

This can be useful for giving your clients a convenient way to self-serve simple questions like "when is my next visit?" or "when was my first service?". We will show both Visits and Assessments in the Appointments list.

You can opt-in and use this feature with a quick trip to Jobber Labs. 

Here is an example of what your customers will see in Client Hub if you join the beta:




Q: How can I join the beta?

A: You can opt-in by going to Jobber Labs from the gear icon. There is a maximum number of accounts that can opt-in, Jobber Labs will appear under the gear icon until that number is reached and then it will be removed.


Q: Can I leave the beta if I don't like the feature?

A: Yes! You can opt-out or turn off the feature at any time. Go to the gear icon > Jobber Labs and click Turn Off.


Q: Will the feature change throughout the beta?

A: Yes! Part of the reason we are doing this in beta is that we are looking for feedback from our customers, and we will be working on the feature and improving it throughout the beta.


Q: Can I customize what my clients see?

A: There are a few things that you will be able to modify, and they are pictured below. You can toggle your client's visibility of their appointments "off" or "on", and you can also toggle whether or not you want your clients to see specific service times or just the dates of the service. 


Learn more about Jobber Labs!


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