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Beta - Collect Tips with Jobber Payments

Beta - With our new "Collect Tips" feature, the next time your clients are paying an invoice in Client Hub they will be able to add an optional tip or gratuity to their invoice!

This feature is only available for accounts using Jobber Payments.

How does it work?

You can opt-in by going to Jobber Labs from the gear icon at the top right. There is a maximum number of accounts that can opt-in to this beta and Jobber Labs will appear under the gear icon until that number is reached, then it will be removed.



Select 'Collect tips with Jobber Payments' as the beta you want to try, then click 'Turn On'.


Once you join the beta, this is what your customers will see when they are paying for an invoice in Client Hub:


When your client clicks to pay their invoice they will have the option to add a tip after entering in their billing details. They can choose to add either a $ amount or a % amount.

If a client adds a tip to their invoice, the 'Charge' button at the bottom of the payment pop up will include the balance of the invoice and the tip.

The invoice in Jobber will then be marked as paid and have a $0.00 balance. This is how your invoice will appear: 



Q: How do I know if I received a tip?

A: See your paid invoices with tips by going to Work > Invoices and changing the Type filter to 'Has Tip'.



Q: Can I leave the beta if I don't like the feature?

A: Yes! You can opt-out or turn off the feature at any time. Go to the gear icon > Jobber Labs and click 'Turn Off'.



Q: Will this feature change throughout the beta?

A: Yes! Part of the reason we are doing this in beta is that we are looking for feedback from our customers, and we will be working on tips and improving it throughout the beta. As always, we would LOVE to hear your thoughts on what’s missing or what’s important for this feature as we develop it. We appreciate all of your feedback!

Q: Where can I see tips in my reports?

A: There isn't a specific report devoted to tips. Tips show up in the Taxation report under the Non-taxable row (this row will also include non-taxable line items as well).

Q: What happens to discounts on my invoice?

A: Discounts are first applied to non-taxable line items before being applied to the remainder of an invoice. Since tips are recorded as non-taxable line items that means the discount will be applied directly to the tip first which will affect your Taxation report. We recommend not using the tip feature if you typically add discounts to your invoices.

Reach out to our Success team at 1-888-721-1115,, or by opening a live chat for other discount options. 


Learn more about Jobber Labs!


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