Work Overview

Work Overview

Check out a birds eye view of all the work you have on the go- see quotes, jobs, invoices, timesheets, and expenses all on one page. Say goodbye to things falling through the cracks!

Screen_Shot_2019-08-20_at_10.25.33_AM.pngTo navigate to the work overview page, from the sidebar on the left, click Overview located below the heading for Work.



The jobs section will show the jobs you have in three different statuses: active, requires invoicing, and action required. You can click on each status to see the jobs that are in this status.

Active jobs are the jobs that are currently in progress. Requires invoicing jobs have an overdue invoice reminder, which is prompting you to create an invoice. Action required are jobs that are still open, but don't have any upcoming visits. You can think of these jobs as "on hold". 


Clicking the New Job button in the top right corner of this section will open the job creation screen.


The invoice section shows three statuses of invoices: drafts, awaiting payment, and past due. You can click on each of the statuses to view the invoices in that status.

Draft invoices are invoices that haven't been sent yet (either by text or email) or marked as sent. Either sending an invoice or marking it as sent will remove it from draft status. Awaiting payment invoices are invoices that have yet to have a payment made on them, but the due date hasn't passed yet. Past due invoices are invoices that are still outstanding, but the due date has passed.


You can create a new invoice by clicking New Invoice in the top right right corner of this section. If you have jobs that fall into the requires invoicing status, you can also batch create invoices for these jobs all in one go by clicking Batch Create Invoices. 


The quotes section shows three quote statuses: draft, awaiting response, and approved. You can click on each status to view the quotes in that status.

Quotes in draft status are quotes that either haven't been sent to the client (either by text or email) or marked as awaiting response. When you first create a quote, draft is the first status it will be in before it is sent to the client or marked as awaiting response. Quotes that are awaiting response are quotes where you are waiting on a reply from the client, quotes will stay in this status until they are approved (either by you or the client) or changes are requested. Approved quotes have been given the green light either by the client via the client hub or manually approved by a team member. 


You can click New Quote in the top right of this section to open the quote creation screen.

Time Sheets

The time sheets section will show the three most recent time sheet entries. An admin user will see the three most recent time entries created by any user, whereas someone who only has permission to view their own time will only see their three most recent time sheets. 


You can add a new time entry by clicking the Add Time button in the top right corner of this section. 


The expenses section will show your four most recent expenses. You can click on each expense in this section to preview the details of that expense.


In the top right corner of this section, you can click the button for New Expense to create a new expense. 

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