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Adding or Inviting a New Team Member in the Jobber App

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You can add a new team member and invite them to join your Jobber account through the app!

When assigning your team to a request, job, or basic task you'll see a green plus sign in the team section.


Tapping on this button will give you the option to select a team member. This is where you will see the folks who are listed from the Gear Icon > Manage Team on your Jobber account. These are the users who have accepted their invitation to join your business in Jobber. You can select from this list of users or you can select Add New User. 


When you press Add New User you will be able to enter a name, email address, and a mobile phone number for the new user. The email address will be used as the new user's login for Jobber and they will be prompted to create a password when they receive their invitation to join your account.


Users created through the app will be created with our Limited Worked default permission, however these permissions can be customized for that user on Jobber Online. To update their permissions you'll need to go to the Gear Icon > Manage Team > Their Name. Using the advanced permissions, you can set up this user with permissions that are custom to their role. 

If you enter a name, but not an email address or a phone number the item will be assigned to that person, but they won't be able to access Jobber since they won't have received an invitation to join. 

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