Jobs Page

Stay organized by seeing your jobs all in one place. Manage, filter, and sort your jobs from this page. 

The jobs page gives you a list of your jobs, an overview, as well as buttons for actions you can take from this page. This page can be used to monitor the statuses of your jobs to make sure that nothing is slipping through the cracks.


To get to the jobs page, click Jobs from the left sidebar. This will take you to the jobs page. 


Jobs list

You can filter the job list with drop downs at the top of the list. These drop downs do the following:

Status: Filters the list by status (such as active, requires invoicing, or late visits).

Sort: This drop down gives your options for how the jobs are arranged on this page.

Type: Filter by one-off or recurring jobs


There are columns for the property address as well as the next visit for the job and the schedule.

There is a column for Invoicing that shows the billing frequency of the job. If an invoice reminder will be generated to prompt you to invoice, the column will show Reminder and well as what triggers the invoice reminder. If a job will be invoiced automatically using automatic payments, the column will show Automatically and when the invoice will be created. 



Job statuses

On the right of the job page, there is a job overview. This overview shows statuses as icons to give you a quick look at the number of jobs you have in these statuses that might require your attention.


The job statuses are:

Active: Active jobs are the jobs in progress 

Late Visits: These jobs are active. They have visits where the scheduled visit date has passed, but the visit wasn't completed. 

Unscheduled: These are jobs that have visits created, but the visits have been set up to be scheduled later.

Action Required: These are jobs that are still active, but they have no more upcoming visits. You can think of action required like being "on hold". Action required is a prompt to either schedule more visits or close the job. 

Requires Invoicing: Jobs that are in requires invoicing status have an overdue invoice reminder. This is a prompt to create an invoice for this job. 

Ending Within 30 Days: These are jobs that have a scheduled end date that falls within the next 30 days. After their end date, this job won't appear on the calendar anymore. 

Archived: These are closed jobs that no longer need to be invoiced. These are the jobs that you are done with. 



There are two actions you can take on this page. 

Creating a new job is the recommended action. You can do this by clicking the New Job button in the top right of the page.


From the More Actions button, you can select to Manage Job Forms. This option will take you to Settings > Job Forms where you can create new job forms and edit existing ones. 


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