Jobber Glossary

What is the Jobber glossary?

Find definitions for commonly used words in Jobber.

Account Owner

The Admin employee designated as the owner of the Jobber account and has rights to the account and information within it.
Learn about account ownership

Admin Employees

Employees who have full access to the account, including reports, integrations, and account billing. See 'Pro Employees' and Basic Employees' to learn about our other employee access levels.
Learn more about employees in Jobber

Anytime Visits

Visits that do not have a scheduled time.
Learn more about jobs


Assigning employees to tasks on the calendar. For example, assigning employees to a visit on a job, or to a basic task.
Learn about assigning visits to employees

Basic Employees

Employees who have read only access to information in Jobber. See 'Pro Employees' and 'Admin Employees' to learn about our other employee access levels.
Learn about employees in Jobber

Basic Task

An item on the calendar that you can assign to employees and they can mark complete when done. Basic tasks are items you are not invoicing a client for.
Learn more about basic tasks

Batch Invoice Creation

A feature in Jobber you can use to make multiple invoices at one time for jobs that are in ‘Requires Invoicing’ status.
Learn about batch invoice creation

Batch Invoice Delivery

A feature in Jobber you can use to email multiple invoices at once, or you can print the invoice PDFs and send by standard mail.
Learn about batch invoice delivery by email
Learn about batch invoice delivery by standard mail

Billing Frequency

A schedule you set on a job for how often the client is billed for the work.
Learn about job settings

Billing History

Found on the right side of a client page, this is the record of balances, invoices, deposits, and payments specific to that client.
Learn about the billing history box

Calendar Colors

Colors you can assign to visits and basic tasks on the calendar based on who they’re assigned to, or certain words in their titles.
Learn more about calendar colors

Calendar Views

Different formats you can view the calendar in. Jobber offers month, week, grid, maps, and list views.
Learn more about calendars

Chemical Treatment Tracking

Record forms you can attach to clients or specific jobs for chemical applications done on the property.
Learn more about chemical treatment tracking

Client Follow Ups

Emails Jobber automatically sends to clients once a job is closed to thank them and collect feedback for your reporting.
Learn more about client follow ups

Client Hub

An online portal where clients can view their quotes, invoices, and work requests and pay for deposits and invoices online.
Learn more about Client Hub

Client Reminders

Email or SMS messages Jobber automatically sends to clients to remind them of an upcoming visit. You can set how far in advance clients receive reminders.
Learn more about client reminders


Stands for client relationship management. These are tools you use to manage customer interactions and data.
Learn more about client management in Jobber


Stands for comma separated values. If you are importing clients or services and products to Jobber, the file will need to be in a CSV file format.
Learn about exporting clients in Jobber

Custom Fields

Information fields that you can custom create to track information in your account. Custom Fields can be made on properties, clients, quotes, jobs, invoices, and employees.
Learn more about custom fields

Daily Route Optimization

On the map view, you can click on an anytime visit and select ‘Route From Here’. Based on an algorithm, Jobber will try to find the shortest route through properties.
Learn more about daily route optimization

Day Sheets

PDFs you can print or email to employees with their assigned tasks for the day.
Learn more about day sheets


An item on the calendar that all employees can see on their schedules. You can use events for company-wide meetings or reminders.
Learn more about events


A cost or charge that is recorded by an employee. Expenses can be associated to a job, or be a general work expense.
Learn more about expenses


A button in the top right of all calendar views, that allows you to show or hide different types of tasks.
Learn more about calendars

Fixed Price Billing

A type of billing where you invoice the client the same price over a period of time, no matter how many visits are done. E.g., You invoice the client$100 per month.
Learn more about invoicing

Forms and Checklists

Customizable forms you can create that employees can fill out on visits for a job. E.g., A safety checklist to fill out on each visit.
Learn more about forms and checklists


When you link Jobber to another software. Jobber has a variety of different programs that it can integrate with.
Learn about our Integrations

Internal Notes and Attachments

Areas on clients, jobs, quotes, and invoices where you can store notes and attachments visible to you and employees with permission to view these items.
Learn about notes and attachments

Invoice Reminders

Calendar tasks Jobber generates based on how the job is set to invoice, to remind you to invoice a client.
Learn about client reminders


A bill you send to clients for services and products you provided.
Learn more about invoicing

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