Jobber Glossary

What is the Jobber glossary?

Find definitions for commonly used words in Jobber.

Jobber App

Jobber’s mobile app for users in the field. You can download the app from the Google Play store or Apple App store.
Learn more about the Jobber App

Jobber Online

You can access Jobber by logging into the website on your computer or mobile device.


A record of the work you are performing for clients, including visit dates for service.
Learn more about jobs

Line items

Items you include on quotes, jobs, and invoices for the cost of services or products.


Stands for Portable Document Format. If you download a document from Jobber such as a quote or invoice, the file will be in a PDF format.

PDF Configuration Tool

A tool that allows you to format your PDFs, including PDFs for quotes, jobs, and invoices.
Learn more about the PDF Configuration Tool

Property / Service Address

A client’s address where work is performed.
Learn about inputting a property address in Jobber

Quote Reminders

Calendar items Jobber generates to remind you to follow up with clients you’ve sent quotes to.

Quotes (Estimates)

A document you send to a client before starting a job that outlines the costs of service and products.
Learn more about quotes in Jobber


An item on the calendar Jobber generates to remind you to invoice a client or follow up on a quote.
Learn more about reminders


The section in Jobber that contains reporting, including Jobber Payments reports. 

Learn more about reporting

Route Optimization

This is the template route order found in your settings, that you want visits without a scheduled time (Anytime Visits) to follow.
Learn more about Route Optimization

Service / Product

Also referred to as line items. You can enter a list of your services and products into the Settings area on your account.

Learn how to set up your services and products.


Stands for Short Messaging System. These are text messages. In Jobber you can use SMS notifications to remind clients of upcoming visits.
Learn more about SMS client reminders


When you click the ‘Sync’ button in Jobber to transfer data between Jobber and QuickBooks Online.


Labels you can create for clients to group them together. In the client list you can click on a tag to view only clients with this tag.
Learn more about tagging


An item on the calendar. A task can be a visit, basic task, event, or reminder.
Learn more about scheduling in Jobber

Time Sheet

A section in Jobber where you can view employee time entries, approve time sheets, and confirm payroll. Time entries can be associated with jobs, or be a general time entry.
Learn more about time sheets

Transferable Custom Fields

Custom fields that transfer their information to items made from them. E.g., If you have a transferable field on jobs, and create an invoice for the job, the field will show on the invoice too.
Learn more about transferable custom fields


A user is added to your Jobber account from the Manage Team page, their access to Jobber depends on what Permissions are set by an Admin user on the account. 
Learn about users in Jobber


Stands for Virtual business card. You can export your clients in a vCard file.
Learn more about exporting your client list

Visit Based Billing

A type of billing where you invoice the client based on the number of visits. E.g., 2 visits are done and the price per visit is $50, so you invoice the client $100.

Visit Frequency

A schedule you set on a job for how often you visit the property to perform work.
Learn more about jobs

Visit Instructions

An area to enter notes for a specific visit on a job.

Visit Title

A short description for a specific visit on a job.


Dates and times on the schedule when you are performing a service. A job can contain a single visit or have multiple visits.
Learn more about jobs

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