Invoices, Payments, and Deposits

Invoice Reminders

Invoice Reminders remind you of what you need to invoice and when. Invoice Reminders will put your jobs into a Requires Invoicing status, so you can see exactly which jobs need to be invoiced. They also allow you to take advantage of Jobber's Batch Invoice Creation tool. 



Setting up reminders to Invoice for your Recurring Jobs 

When you create a Recurring Job, you have several options of how you want to be reminded to invoice. These options are all displayed in a drop down box under When do you want to Invoice? on the Job creation page. 


When you set an Invoicing schedule, you are setting up a reminder schedule in the Jobber calendar. 

Options for Invoice scheduling:

  • As needed - we won't prompt you: This will disable Invoice Reminders from being created for this Job. 
  • After each visit: This will generate an Invoice Reminder after each Visit is marked complete. This will put the Job into Requires Invoicing following each Visit.
  • Once when contract is completed: Once the Job is closed, an Invoice Reminder will be generated.
  • Monthly on the last day of the month: An Invoice reminder will be generated on the last day of each month. 
  • Custom schedule: This allows you to create a custom schedule for when Invoice Reminders will be generated. 

Setting up reminders to Invoice for your One-Off Jobs 

When creating a One-Off Job, you can choose to be reminded—or not to—when the Job is closed.

By default, you will be reminded to invoice when the Job is closed. To not be reminded, unmark the checkbox on the Job Creation page.


Manually create your Invoice Reminders

To manually set an invoice reminder, scroll down on the job to the Billing box. Here you can click the New button to make a new reminder or invoice.


Invoice reminders will appear on your Calendar. Once an invoice has been made, they will be struck through to show they are done.

Use Invoice Reminders to Invoice 

Your Invoice Reminders will display how many and which Jobs need to be Invoiced for in several places: 

  •  On the Work Overview Page:


  • On the Dashboard:


  • On a Job page: You can search for Jobs requiring invoicing here by selecting Requires Invoicing from the Status drop down:




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