Your team can clock in and out of jobs and track expenses from anywhere, so you can prep payroll faster.

This feature is available on select plans. Learn more.

To use expenses, go into your Gear Icon > Settings > Expense Tracking. Then click Turn On Expense Tracking. Expenses are internally tracked on individual jobs and in the Expenses report.


Next, create Accounting codes to be able to categorize the types of expenses that will be entered into Jobber. 



This will add a new Expenses section to your side navigation: 



Creating or Recording a New Expense 

Expenses can be recorded in 3 ways:

  • Through the Work page
  • In the Expenses page
  • Within a Job

You can add an expense by clicking Work from the left menu, then click + New in the Expenses box on the right:


You can add an expense by clicking Expense from the left menu, then click + New Expense in the top right:



You can add an expense on a job, by going to Jobs from the sidebar. Then clicking into the Job you want to add the expense to. On the job page, scroll down to the Costs section, and click 'New' to add an expense.


Every Expense item in Jobber can contain the following information:

  • Expense date: Default is the current date, simply click to modify it.
  • Expense name: A name for the expense. This will auto-complete for expenses you enter frequently.
  • Expense details: Provide details of the expense - This is optional. 
  • Expense amount: The amount of the expense.
  • Reimburse to: Specify if the expense needs to be reimbursed to a user. 
  • Job: You can attach the expense to an active job.
  • Accounting code: Select an account to categorize this expense under. This option will only be visible if Accounting Codes have been set up in the Expense Settings.
  • Receipt: You can upload an image of the expense receipt. 


Learn how to add expenses in the Jobber app.

Reporting on Expenses 

You can view the Expenses report, by clicking Reports > Expenses.



Reimburse your Expenses 

Reimbursable Expenses will automatically appear in the 'Confirm Payroll'. To get here click Time Sheets > Confirm Payroll.  To mark a Reimbursable Expense as paid, click the Pay button beside a user's name, choose the Expenses you've paid, and click the 'Mark as Paid' button.

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