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Quickbooks Tax Sync Error

To successfully sync between Jobber and QuickBooks Online, you will need to have the tax rates name and rate both match in each program.

Within Jobber you will need to manually create the tax rate(s) you have within your QBO account. This can be done from your Company Settings page found in your Settings (Gear Icon > Settings).


When syncing you may encounter this tax rate error:


This article covers how to solve this error. 

  1. From the Customer in QBO, use the actions dropdown to create a QBO Invoice - this is a temporary invoice.
  2. Add a taxable line-item to the invoice and set the amount to $0.01. Click Save. (Do not click "Save and Send").
  3. From the invoice, click "Sales Tax":
4. Create/edit tax rates in Jobber to match. To change the tax rate name in Jobber, go to the Gear in the top right > Settings > General, and you can edit the tax rate name on this page.

Tax Rate Groups

If more than one tax rate appears in the Sales Tax Details (as in the example above), then each of the tax rates will need to exist in Jobber, and additionally a Tax Group in Jobber will need to be created. The name of the group doesn't matter, as it will need to be adjusted after the next sync.

5. Delete the temporary invoice in QBO - it has served its purpose. This is done from the invoice view by clicking More > Delete.

Recommended: In Jobber, set the default tax rate for the Client's Property to the newly-updated tax rate (or tax group). This will save time when invoicing this Client in the future by having new invoices already at the correct tax rate.

6. In Jobber, Edit the Invoice that has the problematic tax rate. Click the tax rate and change it to the newly-updated tax rate (or tax group). Click Update Invoice.

7. Perform another sync (click the QBO button at the top). The invoice should now sync across to QBO successfully.

Extra step for Tax Groups: The sync will likely show a warning with the correct tax group name in it. The final step is to edit the tax group name to match (in the screenshot below, the correct tax group name is "WA-Seattle"):


QBO's Automatic Sales Tax feature is based on the address of your company and the address(es) of the client(s) being invoiced - this means that these steps will need to be repeated for each unique tax rate that applies to the area of operation for you.

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