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Password Reset Troubleshooting

There are a few different reasons why you may get errors when trying to reset your password. Here are the most common reasons and errors you might receive. 

  "I'm not receiving a password reset email, where is it?"

The Password Reset Email might be getting sent to spam, etc. Try searching your inbox for "Password Reset Instructions" it will be from

Click onto Set New Password to enter in your new credentials. 


"Sorry, the link you used has expired" 

This means that you are clicking on an expired Password Reset Instructions email. This email will expire on its own after a short period of time. Each time you enter your email into the "Forgot Your Password" box, you will be sent a new email which will invalidate any previous reset emails in your account.

Make sure that you are clicking on the newest email. A lot of email programs will create an email thread, making it difficult to tell which one is the newest. If you're unsure, check the timestamp of the email. 

If you are still receiving this error, delete the entire email thread and try reentering your email into the"Forgot Your Password" to send yourself a new reset email.

1. Delete Email 

2. Re-request Password Reset Email 


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