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Jobber and NiceJob Integration

What is NiceJob?

NiceJob is a Canadian company specializing in reputation management. Their focus is to send out automatic review requests via text message and email to clients after their service has been completed. Users can manage the feedback that has been received and share it with their company website or social media pages.


How Does the Integration Work?

When the job is closed, Jobber will transfer the client contact information to NiceJob where the client will be added to your reviews campaign to request a review from them. Since NiceJob has created this review campaign, the only way to see responses will be from your NiceJob account - this information is not transferred back into Jobber.

We recommend turning off your automatic Client Follow-ups in Jobber to avoid duplicate requests being sent to your clients. 

Connecting Jobber to NiceJob

After setting up your NiceJob account, find the Jobber connection icon from this link:

To disconnect this integration go to the same page and click to disconnect.

NiceJob Convert

NiceJob now has NiceJob Convert. A custom-built landing page to replace your old website that is optimized to get you at least 10% more sales by being search engine optimized to help gain more traffic to your page, and by creating a clear call-to-action button, ex. "Get Quote" directly on your landing page.

With Convert, the information collected via your call-to-action form will generate a Work Request within Jobber. From Jobber you can then schedule that request and convert it into work for your new or existing client.



If you have any further questions about NiceJob or the integration with Jobber you can contact them at 1-888-336-9082, or visit their website here and start a live chat with their team!


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