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Jobber and Broadly Integration

What is Broadly?

Broadly is a subscription based reputation management tool for service businesses. Broadly requests reviews from your clients using your branding in an email or text message, and shares those reviews with social media sites as well as reputable review websites. 


How Does the Integration Work?

Broadly sends out review invites to your clients via email or text message once a visit has been completed on a job. In order to prevent spamming clients, Broadly will only send out these review invites on visits if they are two or more months apart. Broadly accesses visit information from Jobber hourly and will send out review invites accordingly. This means if you complete a visit at 10:15 AM, Broadly will be updated at 11:00 AM about that completion. When your client's first visit has been completed, their contact information will be sent to Broadly and stored for future use. 

When a review is made, Broadly will automatically upload any 4 or 5 star reviews from Google and Facebook directly onto your company website. If a client chooses not to recommend services, they are asked to provide feedback to the company. 


We recommend turning off your automatic Client Follow-ups in Jobber to avoid duplicate requests being sent to your clients. 


Connecting Jobber to Broadly

Once your Broadly account has been set up you can add Jobber as a Data Source. To do this, click onto Settings from the left navigation and then choose Data Sources from the Settings menu.

If at anytime you'd like to end this integration, just click onto Jobber from here and choose 'Stop Using Jobber' from the next page. 



If you have any further questions about Broadly and how to get set up, check out their website here.

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