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What is Jobber Labs?

Jobber Labs is a way for you to get early access to potential features we are working on. With your feedback, we can make these features even better. This feature is available for subscribed accounts only.

How can I access Jobber Labs?

When Jobber Labs has a new feature to test you will be notified from the gear icon with the red dot (similar to Product Updates). 

As an admin user you will have access to turn on or off feature testing, as well as provide feedback directly to us to help us improve. 

Important Notes

As this feature is for beta testing, there will be a maximum number of accounts that can turn on testing so that we can accurately monitor feedback and performance. If your account has subscribed and is not seeing the option for Jobber Labs we may have already reached that maximum, or the testing period has ended.

Features that are added to Jobber Labs are still in the testing stage - this means that things may not always go according to plan. This is where you come in to help provide feedback about what you find is working well, and what may not be working so well, so that we can make further improvements. 

Unfortunately, not all features that will be available for testing will make it past the testing stage and into Jobber. Features that do make it into Jobber may have changed through the feedback process. We want to make sure that we're releasing features that will benefit the majority of our users and that releasing those features doesn't negatively impact our current features and workflows.

Contact our Success team at support@getjobber.com or 1 888 721 1115 to learn more!

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