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Business Hours

Let your clients know your hours of operation by making them visible in client hub.

This feature becomes more powerful when used with online booking, available on select plans. Learn more.

Business hours let your clients know which days of the week you are open or closed. These hours are visible in client hub and work with the online booking feature to prevent your clients from booking appointments during times that you are closed. This feature can be used to protect your availability. You can think of the business hours as the times that a client could call you and there would be someone there to answer the phone.


The business hours setting are found by going to the Gear Icon > Settings > Company Settings.


Company settings

On the company settings page, your operating hours are located below the section for Company Details, where your company name, phone number, website, email, and address are located. This is where you can customize the hours that you are available. 


To customize these hours to your company, click Edit. For each day of the week you can enter the start and the end of your day. If there is day of the week that you are unavailable (such as Saturday and Sunday), toggle the switch to OFF. This will show these days as "closed".


Online booking

You can also view your operating hours from the Gear Icon > Settings > Requests under the heading for Online booking.  It's not possible to edit the business hours from this screen, but they show here as a reference for what will appear to your client when they are requesting an appointment using Jobber's online booking feature.


The Earliest Availability section allows you to set how many days out your clients can select an appointment when booking online. If you are alright with clients requesting appointments the same day, you can set the earliest availability to 0 business days. If you prefer to schedule a few days out, you can set the availability to 2 business days (for example) and that way clients won't be able to request appointments for the next two business days. These days won't be available when your client selects their preferred day when requesting work.

Note: 0 business days is the minimum number your can enter here and 60 business days is the maximum. 


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