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Manage Team — How to Add, Manage, and Deactivate Team Members


Adding Users into Your Account  

To add a new user to your account, click the Gear Icon > Manage Team. On this page, click on the Add User button on the right. 


Enter in the user's name and contact information, an email is required for the user to be able to log in to Jobber. Next, you will need to edit their permissions to provide or limit access to information in your account. Learn more about user permissions here.


Accepting Invites

Once you've saved your user, an invitation will be sent via email. If you haven't entered in an email address, an invitation link will be sent via SMS. The new user will need to click Accept the Invitation to be able to create a password and access Jobber under your account. 


Deactivating a User

To deactivate a user, navigate back to the Manage Team page. You can deactivate a user by clicking on the Deactivate button beside their user name in the list of employees. 


You can also deactivate them by clicking into their user profile. There will be a red deactivate button in the bottom left corner of the page.


If you choose to deactivate a user, they will be unassigned from all incomplete items assigned to them on the calendar (visits, tasks, requests, reminders). It is recommended to re-assign their schedule to another user before deactivating them.


Deactivated users will still show on the Manage Team page, under the list of your active users. Opening this view will list all deactivated users with the options to either Delete or Reactivate each user.


To reactivate a user click onto that button on the right of the user. This will not re-assign the work that was unassigned by deactivating them, they will need to be scheduled once more.

We recommend deactivating users and not deleting them. If a user is deleted from Jobber all record of that user is deleted as well - for example, you will no longer have access to their time entries or completed tasks on the calendar. 


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