Company Settings

Products & Services List

This area of your Jobber account allows you to enter and save a list of the products and services your company offers.

To get to this list, go to the Gear Icon > Settings > Products & Services



Adding, editing, and deleting products and services

Click the + Add Service button.

You can then select the item type (service or product), name the item, enter a default description, enter a default price, and select if it is exempt from tax. 


To Edit or Delete an item once it is made, click on the item in the list. You can then edit or delete the item in the prompt box that comes up. 

Note: If you are syncing with QuickBooks Online, the item will need to be edited in QuickBooks as this program is dominant for products and services.

You can make a default unit cost for an item negative. This is useful if you want to create a credit or discount.


Adding a product or service when working on a quote, job, or invoice

You can also add a product or service to your list when working on a quote, job, or invoice, by typing in a new name that is not yet in your list. The system will then prompt you to 'Add to Products & Services' so that it can be used again in the future. 

To keep the new item a custom item that isn't saved in your list, simply continue to enter in the name, description, quantity, and cost, without clicking 'Add to Products & Services'.



Importing products and services

To import your Products & Services list, click on the Gear icon > Settings > Products & Services. You'll find the import box near the bottom of the page:


Exporting products and services 

To export your Products & Services list, click on the Gear icon > Settings > Products & Services. You'll find the export box near the bottom of the page:


When you click Export to CSV, you will get an email shortly that contains a CSV file with your Products and Services list. 


Required CSV headers

Your CSV will need to have the following header fields in order to upload properly:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Cost
  • Category
  • Taxable

Any column headers outside of what is listed above will not be recognized, and will will not be able to import your list.


Important things to note:

We do have a limitation of importing 1500 items at one time, so if you have a large list, you will have to split it into multiple .csv files.

In the Cost column, make sure to only have a numeric value, as a $ symbol will cause an issue with the import.

Use the Category column to specify if this is a Product or a Service. If this field is left blank it will default as a Product. 

The Taxable column is a true or false value. If this field is left blank, then the system will default to assume that this item is taxable.

To avoid errors when importing your products and services, don't use special characters such as colons (:), semi-colons (;), and quotation marks (' or ").

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