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How Items Sync Between Jobber and QuickBooks Online

Covered in this article are how the following items sync:

  • Sync Settings
  • Clients
  • Properties vs Client/Property/Job
  • Products & Services
  • Invoices
  • Payments
  • Timesheets


Sync Settings

In Jobber you can select which items you would like to sync with QuickBooks. To do this click to the QB icon > Sync and Settings


When syncing with QuickBooks clients must be in sync. This is why they cannot be unchecked. 

In order for an item to be in sync, the item above it needs to be checked off. For example, in order for Invoices to be in sync, Services and Products must be checked off. The only exception is Time sheets. 



Clients sync both ways—clients who are in QuickBooks will sync to Jobber and clients in Jobber will sync to QuickBooks.  

  • Only Active clients in QuickBooks sync to Jobber. 
  • If you need to make a change to a client that is in sync you need to make the change in QuickBooks. QuickBooks client information is dominant over Jobber.
  • If you make a new client in Jobber with no email address on it, it will sync to QuickBooks with the preferred delivery method set to 'Print'.
  • If you have the same clients in both Jobber and QuickBooks before you sync them together, there is a high risk that this will cause duplicate client profiles in both Jobber and Quickbooks. Before syncing, we suggest that either the Jobber account or Quickbooks account is empty of clients, to avoid this. 

Billing Address: The billing address is dominant to QuickBooks. If you need to edit a billing address for a client who is in sync. you can edit it in QuickBooks. 

Company or Person: When importing a client from QuickBooks to Jobber, the client is created as either a person or company in Jobber. 

  • If there is no company name on the QuickBooks profile, it will be set as a person in Jobber. 
  • If there is only a company name with no first or last name, the client will be set as a company.
  • If the display name in QuickBooks is the same as the first and last name, then Jobber will make the client as a person in Jobber. If the display name is different from the first and last name, Jobber will make the client as a company. 


Properties vs Client/Property/Job

Jobber syncs over customers and sub-customers from QuickBooks. In Jobber there are clients and properties. A customer in QuickBooks syncs over as a client, while a sub-customer syncs over as a property to Jobber. 

Properties made in Jobber, don't sync to QuickBooks. 

If a sub-customer does not have a mailing address, it won't import to your Jobber account.


Products & Services

Products and Services are able to sync from Jobber to QuickBooks and from QuickBooks to Jobber. When you sync, Jobber will fetch all active items from QuickBooks. The names of these items are compared to the names of items in Jobber. If a match is not found, a new record is created within Jobber. Any products or services in Jobber which that are not in QuickBooks are then pushed into QuickBooks. 

Changes: If you would like to change a Product or Service in QuickBooks after you Sync, you will need to make those changes in QuickBooks as it is dominant for services and products. 

Please Note:

  • Any items syncing from QuickBooks Online to Jobber will be created as services in Jobber. 
  • Any items syncing from Jobber to QuickBooks will be created as services in QuickBooks. In QuickBooks you can edit the item after it has synced. 
  • Sub-items are not able to sync from QuickBooks to Jobber. 



Invoices are able to sync from Jobber to QuickBooks. Jobber will import the memo, due date, issued date and line items. Invoices made in QuickBooks don't sync to Jobber. 

Sync Settings: You can set up your sync settings so that once an invoice is marked sent it will be flagged to sync to QuickBooks. To do this, click to the QB icon > Sync and Settings and check off Sync Selected Invoices and Push Invoices to QuickBooks when marked sent

If you want only invoices you select to sync to QuickBooks, then check off only Sync Selected Invoices


Changes: After an invoice has been synced, changes made on the invoice in either Jobber or QuickBooks will not sync. 

Line Items: QuickBooks will import the following for each line item– Name, Description, Quantity, Dollar Amount, and Service Date, if available. QuickBooks does not support one-off Custom Line Items, so Jobber places these under a service called 'Custom Service' in QuickBooks, and puts the name in the description. 


Payments and Deposits

Payments and deposits made in Jobber can sync to QuickBooks. Payments made in QuickBooks cannot sync to Jobber. We suggest if you are syncing invoices, to record all payments for these invoices in Jobber and then syncing the payments to QuickBooks.

Changes: After a payment or deposit has been synced, changes made to the payment or deposit in either Jobber or QuickBooks will not sync. These changes will need to be made in both Jobber and QuickBooks.

If an invoice in marked as 'Paid' in QuickBooks, the paid status will sync back to Jobber and the invoice in Jobber will show as paid. The payment will not sync to Jobber though, so the client's account balance will not be the same as it is in QuickBooks. 


Time Sheets

Time sheet entries entered in Jobber are able to sync to time tracking in QuickBooks. 

  • Only Approved Timesheets will go over to QuickBooks. You can approve your Team's hours by clicking on Management > Approve Timesheets section. Once they are approved they are flagged in the system to be sent over.
  • User names need to be exactly the same in both Jobber and QuickBooks in order for time sheets to sync.
  • When time sheets sync to QuickBooks, QuickBooks will import the total hours the user worked for the day. It will not import the times, or notes on the time sheet entries. 
  • Time sheets entries will sync into the time tracking section in Quickbooks. 

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