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Tax Settings

In Jobber you can set up different tax names and rates. For situations where multiple tax rates are needed for a quote or invoice, you can combine the rates into a tax group to be applied.

Taxes can be set on a global level, for all of your future quotes and invoices, or can be set individually per property, quote, or invoice.

To edit your tax settings click onto the Gear Icon > Settings > Company Settings

Creating a new tax rate

To add a new tax rate, click + Create Tax Rate and enter in a name and rate for the tax. To make this tax the default rate for your account, click onto the button to the left of its name.


Creating a new group tax

Once you have multiple tax rates set up in your account, you can add them into a tax group. This makes applying taxes to quotes and invoices easier as you can only have one default tax in your account and you can then make the group rate your default tax. 

To create a new tax group, click + Create Tax Group. You can specify a name for this particular group and then click onto Select Tax Rates to choose which tax rates from your account you want included in the group.


The group tax rate will be the sum of the individual tax rates you've chosen. When a tax group is chosen to be applied to a quote or invoice, the rates will appear individually for your clients to see the break down. 


Selecting tax rates on quotes or invoices online

To select a tax rate on a quote or invoice, you will need to be in the creation or edit screen (Either be making a new quote/invoice, or if it already exists, click Edit in the top right of the quote/invoice). You can edit the tax rates at the bottom right where the totals are.


Adding a tax rate to a client's property

Assigning a tax rate to your client's property will override the default tax rate in your Jobber account and apply their assigned rate to all quotes and invoices created for them. To do this search your client's property from the Properties page, open the property and click onto Edit. Then click onto 'Select Tax' underneath the property address and choose the rate needed.

Once a tax rate has been applied to a property it cannot be removed.



Reporting on Taxes

In Jobber there is a Taxation report that shows you the amount of taxable and non-taxable income in your account for a specific time frame. Learn more about the Taxation Report.

The Invoices report and Bad Debt report will also show a column breakdown for what tax rate and how much tax was collected on a per-invoice basis.

To access reports in Jobber, click on the Reports section from your navigation bar. 


Taxes in your QBO sync

Jobber doesn't sync tax names and rates into QBO. During a sync, if the name doesn’t match, then Jobber looks for the first instance of that tax rate and tries to match to that value.

This will come up as a warning on your Sync & Settings page — the invoice will still sync over, but will apply the next applicable tax with the same rate. 

We recommend editing your tax names and rates so that both accounts match directly, this will prevent any sync errors and warnings from occurring.

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