Taxation Report

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This report can be found from the Reports tab under the heading for Financial Reports.

In the Taxation report, you can set the date range for when you'd like to report on taxes. If you have a particular date range you would like to report on, you can use the Custom Range option.


On the report, the Taxable amount is the dollar amount for which tax is being collected. The Tax amount is the amount of tax collected.

If you have multiple tax rates, they will be listed on both the Accrual and Cash reports.

Accrual Report

The Accrual report includes all invoices that have been marked as sent. This includes invoices that are Awaiting Payment and invoices that have been Paid. It will also show any invoices that have been marked as Bad Debt in a separate section.


Cash report

The Cash report includes payments that have been collected within the timeframe chosen.

Unallocated Revenue

Jobber is unable to identify what tax needs to be collected, or what amount of these funds are taxable for two reasons:

  • Payments were collected but not applied to an invoice. The invoice will indicate what tax needs to be collected for which line items, without an invoice unapplied payments cannot relay this information to Jobber.
  • An overpayment was collected on an invoice. While this payment is applied to an invoice, Jobber can only allocate the amount matching the invoice total into tax groups. The overage is left over and will be Unallocated.


For the unallocated revenue, you can track down which payments these are by running a Transactions List report for the same period. The report will need to have the column displayed for invoice number and be filtered to only display payments. You will want to look for payments in this report that are not associated with an invoice number. 

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